Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pixy Lip Cream

Hello lovelies,

these babies are Pixy Lip Creams.

The full collection are in 6 shades and this post will share with you 4 out of 6 (and yes, I do wish I can give a 6 out of 6).


Ahh, here they are, the 4 shades that comes in number 1, 2, 3 and 4.

All of them are almost identical, except the bottom part where it shows the shade within.


The decor of the packaging is unique with the black being the main color. Some 'snowflakes' on the lower area and the shade of the product. I do wish they do develop more colors and be more brave and Indonesian market are enjoying lip creams nowadays. Nudes and autumn shades could be a big hit since it is in the season.


Here are the names, 1 is Chic Rose, 2 is Party Red, 3 is Classic Red, 4 is Fun Fuchsia.

All of them are similar in texture and coverage ability. All are light and easy to be used, dries of almost instantly but doesn't really gives me a tight or pulled effect during the 'drying' time. Hence it's cream but in the lightest form possible, that if it is lighter it would be called a liquid lippies. So this one have a fine velvety feeling when used and slightly sweet cupcake-like scent.


Number one is my favorite. Lately, I've been craving for nude colors or burgundy. Like the exact opposite I know, but a girl wants what a girl want. This dusty rose shade is suitable for a daily look, where I want to look a bit safe and natural.

The matte finish is lovely and not drying in a way where people offer me chap stick. So, it's all good and the color does looks good on me.


This is Party Red, it is supposed to be very much bright red but somehow the reflection on this image is somewhat pinkish when it is not. It is red by all means possible. Bright, daring, vivid, and that kind of red that empowering and perfect for a big meeting when you're in the lead.


Number 3 is Classic Red, or orange red.

It is bright as well, in a slight orange direction. A shade that is also provocative.


Last but not least, Fun Fuchsia, number 4. It's slightly more like magenta. It's definitely fun and embracing for almost all skin tone. Easy to be used on any given day where you want to add fun and cheerful color to the table.


they are all wonderful lip creams that easily use, very light and surprisingly look stunning during pictures time. Cover the lips well, and stays on real good until oils touches them. Pixy Makeup Remover is a great product that cleans this lip creams within swipes. Unless there's no oil, they'll stays, for the whole day.

Thank you so much Pixy Cosmetic Indonesia, they are lovely products not to be missed.

VOV Maxmini Cover Cushion

Hello lovelies,

here's another post for VOV Maxmini and it's the Cover Cushion. A similar version to the cushions, but made for a more coverage.


The packaging, container, is all lovely and love the colorful reflection. It was not easy to see which is which, I have to read the details to know which is the Moisture and which one is the Cover Cushion.

What's lies beneath also so similar, the cushion, the shape, and yes, the shade too, mine is shade 21.


As usual, above is my skin before using the product. Cleaned skin and skincare all over. No primer or other base makeup applied.

The formula is also light, comfortable to be used, I think it's a bit more powdery than the sister cushion that embrace moisture more. Rather velvety, but still do give my skin a demi glow, so it's pretty much satisfying for me since I'm not a huge fan of a total matte look.


Cushion yang berisi foundation ringan ini memiliki daya cover yang tahan lama tanpa terkesan berat. Mudah sekali diaplikasikan, menutup pori-pori dengan sempurna dan hasil akhir yang flawless. Cushion ini juga memberikan kelembaban pada kulit dan mencerahkan seketika. Mengandung  SPF 50/PA++. Tersedia dalam 4 jenis warna yaitu no 21 Light skin, no 23 Natural Skin, no 33 beige dan no 43 dark beige.

Covers imperfection just nice from pores, dreadful uneven skin tone, patches, redness, acne marks, to just about anything. And when adding primer plus concealer, it just will get better and better. But as for me, this is suffice, my skin already looks so flawless.

The product really does easy to be used, comfortable as in so light, and travel friendly. This cushion alone replace bulky bottled foundie and a brush or separate sponge for foundation.

And anytime, I can just gently tap my skin with the cushion for a quick touch up.


Add some powder and color makeup and above is my finish look. Flawless, natural and still has that subtle radiant glow.

As usual, like any other makeup, their staying power does involves the air, is it humid or not, the dryer the air is, the better they'll stay. And ones skin condition, oily skin usually breaks makeup faster, same goes with activity, sweats and movement does fade makeup faster than sitting still.


it's a wonderful base that over coverage without feeling heavy nor too much. A base that is perfect on it's own or can be added with anything you want. The formula is light and very much comfortable. The SPF 50 / PA ++ is handy for a city gal like me.

Thank you so much VOV!!

VOV Maxmini Moisture Cushion

Hello lovelies,

recently VOV launched new products in the base section. It was called VOV Maxmini Glow Primer, Maxmini Tip Concealer, Maxmini Moisture Cushion, and Maxmini Smooth Cover Cushion.

VOV send me Maxmini Moisture Cushion and Maxmini Smooth Cover Cushion, and I'm so eager to try them on. They look so cute and not mini at all.


In this post, I'll share my review and look using Maxmini Moisture Cushion, the one that interest me the most since I have dry skin and dewy look is a hit nowadays. People are getting more and more drawn to healthy looking skin that shines beautifully.

As always, I started with a clean skin right after skincare.

To test the product, I didn't use any other base nor primers before using the cushion.


As seen above, that's my naked skin. Redness, pores, lines, spots are all visibly seen.

When opening the product, I really like the seal that covers the spongy cushion. I know for sure there's one brand that never have the seal sealed properly, it was always open no mater how new it is.

VOV Maxmini Moisture Cushion (and Smooth Cover Cushion) is really sealed, hence I'm rest assured it is a new, unused product given to me. And hygienic too.


A few words from VOV Indonesia.
Cushion yang berisi foundation ringan ini mengandung 50% air yang memberikan kelembaban pada kulit. Hasil akhirnya adalah efek dewy pada wajah, mudah merata dan mencerahkan seketika. Mengandung  SPF 50/PA++. Tersedia dalam 2 jenis warna yaitu no 21 Light skin dan no 23 Natural Skin

Mine is in 21 Light Skin.

And as I want to see the differences, I'm using it half-half. Can you guess which part is before and which is after on the image below?


It's clearly seen, right?! My right side still has spots, uneven skin tone, visible pores and red patches, while my left side is even out, poreless, no redness and covered really well.

I find the texture to be comfortable too, light and feels like using none. One tips for me during application is, instead of dabbing motion, tap and swipe it.


And here's me after all my face is secured by VOV Maxmini Moisture Cushion. It was even, no pores seems visible, spotless for sure, and that dewy luminous glow is irresistible. Like my skin has a fresh watery healthy glow. And still, best of all, is the feeling like using none.

My skin is fair, but the thing is, shade 21 doesn't made my skin looks pale and too light, it covers and add moist 'effect' without looking like I'm using piles of makeup.

Imagine when I'm using the primer and concealers too, my skin perhaps will be like air brushed.


I finished the look using some powders and color makeup and still, since the base itself is suffice, I can pretty much do anything and that lovely dewy glow remains.

Thank you VOV, see you at my next post.


Hi lovelies,

some time ago after attending an event with Pixy, I received these products as the goody bag. As seen, it was almost a complete set of their range.

From BB Cream, blush on, lip creams, lipstick, to eyeliners and mascara. They also have compact powder and makeup remover not to be missed.


Since the BB Cream and powder is rather too dark for my skin tone, the review will be based only for the products that I've used, which is the rest of them.

Start from their blush on that I think too faint for me. I wish it was a bit more pigmented. The mascara and liquid eyeliners are black and easy to be used. The wand of the mascara and brush from the liquid eyeliner is a bit tacky. But the product has a good water resisting power. It won't stand much chance against sweat but as long as I'm staying indoor with aircon, I'm fine.


The pencil eyeliners are easy to be used, soft and crayon-like. I really like the white chalky color since it is pretty much useful. The one in mint is unique and not really my everyday color. One thing about Pixy Line and Shadow, that it was easy to blend as we can use it as an eyeshadow but brushing them on the lids. And they'll sets within a few minutes.

Their lipstick on the other hand was wonderful and I love the colors. This nude lipstick is one of my favorite. It has a subtle glow, made my lips looks moist and easy to be used.


They also have Lip Creams that comes in 6 shades.

I'll share a review on them on a separate post.


And here are the swatches of the products shown above. From the BB Cream, Line and Shadow in white and mint. The black mascara and liquid eyeliner. Nude colored lipstick and the Lip Creams.

They look pretty good and I think, thanks for their budget friendly price tag, many people will enjoy using their products since it does works pretty well and worth purchasing.

And all the products from Pixy comes in a packaging that clearly stated the details such as ingredients. This is one of the standard that I think shows quality.

Below is me using the eyeliners, mascara, blush on, lipstick, shadow and line by Pixy.

The makeup was natural and pretty much comfortable to be used. And one last thing on their package is the makeup remover that works like a charm. Even the lip creams that has a very good staying power can be removed easily with their makeup remover.


Just shake the bi-phasil (water and oil) formula until they are mixed, wet a cotton pad with that mixed solution, and wiped anything off. It will comes off easily. Since it has oils, do use a good foaming facial wash to removes the remover.

Thank you so much Pixy, I hope someday I can give a review for the BB Cream and Compact Powder within my skin tone shade.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Anna Sui Eyebrow Liner N

Hello lovelies,

this is Anna Sui Eyebrow Liner N in her Autumn 2016 Collection. Another product that I love.

The retractable pencil is perfect for a lazy bum that wants perfection every single time without having to suffer a terrible sharpening session that even might cause more damage than good.


Just twist the cap-less pencil and use it on the eyebrow. Draw the outer lines and then fills in. There's no brush in the product, so if needed do use your own brush to gently blending the brows, especially on the inner parts.


The result from using the pencil eyebrow liner is natural and I can either goes like embroidery or soft powdered look.

Whether you want full and dramatic or thin and subtle, perfect your brows with the Eyebrow Liner N.


I love thin eyebrow as much as a thick and luscious ones. So I prefer ones that goes with the trend or the current mood or perhaps according to my makeup that day. Eyebrows can help the overall facial appearance. A fuller and thicker brow helps made the facial feature seems smaller while slim and thin brows made the face appear rounder, and the arch also plays part in creating  a more stern or soft facial expression. Either way, this lovely pencil for the brows made every design easy to make, last longer and colors them beautifully.

Mine is in shade 501, a slightly dark brown. There's 5 shades to choose from 001 (darkest brown), 400 (red brown), 500 (light brown), 501 (mine), and 900 (lightest brown). Simply choose the shade that is the closest to the natural color of the brows.

Thank you Anna Sui Indonesia, it is a lovely product  indeed.