Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Anna Sui Eyebrow Liner N

Hello lovelies,

this is Anna Sui Eyebrow Liner N in her Autumn 2016 Collection. Another product that I love.

The retractable pencil is perfect for a lazy bum that wants perfection every single time without having to suffer a terrible sharpening session that even might cause more damage than good.


Just twist the cap-less pencil and use it on the eyebrow. Draw the outer lines and then fills in. There's no brush in the product, so if needed do use your own brush to gently blending the brows, especially on the inner parts.


The result from using the pencil eyebrow liner is natural and I can either goes like embroidery or soft powdered look.

Whether you want full and dramatic or thin and subtle, perfect your brows with the Eyebrow Liner N.


I love thin eyebrow as much as a thick and luscious ones. So I prefer ones that goes with the trend or the current mood or perhaps according to my makeup that day. Eyebrows can help the overall facial appearance. A fuller and thicker brow helps made the facial feature seems smaller while slim and thin brows made the face appear rounder, and the arch also plays part in creating  a more stern or soft facial expression. Either way, this lovely pencil for the brows made every design easy to make, last longer and colors them beautifully.

Mine is in shade 501, a slightly dark brown. There's 5 shades to choose from 001 (darkest brown), 400 (red brown), 500 (light brown), 501 (mine), and 900 (lightest brown). Simply choose the shade that is the closest to the natural color of the brows.

Thank you Anna Sui Indonesia, it is a lovely product  indeed.

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