Thursday, October 27, 2016


Hi lovelies,

some time ago after attending an event with Pixy, I received these products as the goody bag. As seen, it was almost a complete set of their range.

From BB Cream, blush on, lip creams, lipstick, to eyeliners and mascara. They also have compact powder and makeup remover not to be missed.


Since the BB Cream and powder is rather too dark for my skin tone, the review will be based only for the products that I've used, which is the rest of them.

Start from their blush on that I think too faint for me. I wish it was a bit more pigmented. The mascara and liquid eyeliners are black and easy to be used. The wand of the mascara and brush from the liquid eyeliner is a bit tacky. But the product has a good water resisting power. It won't stand much chance against sweat but as long as I'm staying indoor with aircon, I'm fine.


The pencil eyeliners are easy to be used, soft and crayon-like. I really like the white chalky color since it is pretty much useful. The one in mint is unique and not really my everyday color. One thing about Pixy Line and Shadow, that it was easy to blend as we can use it as an eyeshadow but brushing them on the lids. And they'll sets within a few minutes.

Their lipstick on the other hand was wonderful and I love the colors. This nude lipstick is one of my favorite. It has a subtle glow, made my lips looks moist and easy to be used.


They also have Lip Creams that comes in 6 shades.

I'll share a review on them on a separate post.


And here are the swatches of the products shown above. From the BB Cream, Line and Shadow in white and mint. The black mascara and liquid eyeliner. Nude colored lipstick and the Lip Creams.

They look pretty good and I think, thanks for their budget friendly price tag, many people will enjoy using their products since it does works pretty well and worth purchasing.

And all the products from Pixy comes in a packaging that clearly stated the details such as ingredients. This is one of the standard that I think shows quality.

Below is me using the eyeliners, mascara, blush on, lipstick, shadow and line by Pixy.

The makeup was natural and pretty much comfortable to be used. And one last thing on their package is the makeup remover that works like a charm. Even the lip creams that has a very good staying power can be removed easily with their makeup remover.


Just shake the bi-phasil (water and oil) formula until they are mixed, wet a cotton pad with that mixed solution, and wiped anything off. It will comes off easily. Since it has oils, do use a good foaming facial wash to removes the remover.

Thank you so much Pixy, I hope someday I can give a review for the BB Cream and Compact Powder within my skin tone shade.

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