Thursday, October 27, 2016

VOV Maxmini Moisture Cushion

Hello lovelies,

recently VOV launched new products in the base section. It was called VOV Maxmini Glow Primer, Maxmini Tip Concealer, Maxmini Moisture Cushion, and Maxmini Smooth Cover Cushion.

VOV send me Maxmini Moisture Cushion and Maxmini Smooth Cover Cushion, and I'm so eager to try them on. They look so cute and not mini at all.


In this post, I'll share my review and look using Maxmini Moisture Cushion, the one that interest me the most since I have dry skin and dewy look is a hit nowadays. People are getting more and more drawn to healthy looking skin that shines beautifully.

As always, I started with a clean skin right after skincare.

To test the product, I didn't use any other base nor primers before using the cushion.


As seen above, that's my naked skin. Redness, pores, lines, spots are all visibly seen.

When opening the product, I really like the seal that covers the spongy cushion. I know for sure there's one brand that never have the seal sealed properly, it was always open no mater how new it is.

VOV Maxmini Moisture Cushion (and Smooth Cover Cushion) is really sealed, hence I'm rest assured it is a new, unused product given to me. And hygienic too.


A few words from VOV Indonesia.
Cushion yang berisi foundation ringan ini mengandung 50% air yang memberikan kelembaban pada kulit. Hasil akhirnya adalah efek dewy pada wajah, mudah merata dan mencerahkan seketika. Mengandung  SPF 50/PA++. Tersedia dalam 2 jenis warna yaitu no 21 Light skin dan no 23 Natural Skin

Mine is in 21 Light Skin.

And as I want to see the differences, I'm using it half-half. Can you guess which part is before and which is after on the image below?


It's clearly seen, right?! My right side still has spots, uneven skin tone, visible pores and red patches, while my left side is even out, poreless, no redness and covered really well.

I find the texture to be comfortable too, light and feels like using none. One tips for me during application is, instead of dabbing motion, tap and swipe it.


And here's me after all my face is secured by VOV Maxmini Moisture Cushion. It was even, no pores seems visible, spotless for sure, and that dewy luminous glow is irresistible. Like my skin has a fresh watery healthy glow. And still, best of all, is the feeling like using none.

My skin is fair, but the thing is, shade 21 doesn't made my skin looks pale and too light, it covers and add moist 'effect' without looking like I'm using piles of makeup.

Imagine when I'm using the primer and concealers too, my skin perhaps will be like air brushed.


I finished the look using some powders and color makeup and still, since the base itself is suffice, I can pretty much do anything and that lovely dewy glow remains.

Thank you VOV, see you at my next post.

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