Monday, November 30, 2015

ORORI Jewelry

Hello everyone,

Last week I was invited by ORORI. For the first time, I went into the office of the online jewelry brand and see everything from within. Everyone look so serious behind their table with the computer and all and the group of staffs greeted us to see their collection.

Every sparkles is wrapped tidily and secured in each container.

ORORI means Oro (Italian) for gold and Ri for ring.

The only online jewelry shop comes with more than 20.000 SKU, Design My Own feature (check this out) and then they'll use 3D printer to make personalized jewelry.


20.000 SKU, oh wow! Imagine working in a place with that so many items, they are specialized in
Jewelry since 2004. Diamond jewelries, gold jewelries, gold bar for investment, everything is here. In this post, my main focus are on their beautiful accessories which we can easily made them into investment.


There's a lot of things that caught my eyes, one of the item is Gold bracelet.
The dual gold and white gold collection with some precious stones, they look perfect to be used daily. It's has details and shapes that are flexible when used with just about anything.


And I think most of you will fall in love with their Women's ring collection, from the diamonds, shapes, variants, type and model is just a lot. You can search through their website and would definitely found some that you'll love.

I personally prefer an online shop (and definitely a trusted one like ORORI) since walking into a store could be a bit (lot) pressurized thanks to the sales. They'll keep asking questions, making suggestions and doesn't let me think on my own. When you open ORORI website, you'll feel like you're in your own world and browse peacefully.

If you still in doubt about their quality and material, do read customer reviews.


Beside rings and everything from wedding ring to engagement, men's and women's, their collection of Gold necklace is also available.
Choose the design, length, colors, and you could also find some of the ankle bracelet. Same goes with rings, their products comes in many sizes according to one's preferences.

I remember when into a famous jewelry shop in Singapore and they don't really carry a lot of sizes. Even when they do, I have to move from branch to branch as not all branch has similar stocks. Imagine the transportation cost, time and effort we have to went through, with ORORI, everything made simpler and better.

I personally haven't own a jewelry from ORORI, hence I do not know they quality (as mixed material) or whether they'll become discoloration or not, therefor reading the customer reviews are really handy.

And I love reading where they say that the product really looks like the one on the website. A lot of online shops lies, clothing, accessories, bags, and almost everything are often different from the website, it's a good thing that ORORI take real images.


And when you have all those beautiful jewelry, you'll want to keep them safe in the lovely Jewelry box. It is also available at ORORI. From a simple one for a single ring to a big one for everything you've got.


What do you think? ORORI does make everything simpler and better too right?! While reading the testimonials, I also notices that they do delivery the product as soon as possible, a customer even say within a day, that's wonderful.

Their prices range according to the weight, design and jewels. When I was checking out their online shop, seems like they are having a sale at the moment..


Look at how gorgeous the  diamond pendant is, the details are super pretty.

(Thank you Dina for the images ^__^)

When I was there, some bloggers also having the same session with me, everyone looks so busy taking the best images to represent the jewelry. All the girls love sparkles.


Thank you so much ORORI for having me.


And you, for reading my post.


  1. cool ring, and cool pendant. where can I can get it?

  2. is it clearly written on the post that it is an ONLINE shop??