Monday, November 9, 2015

Sleek Eye Shadow Maximum Impact

Hello everyone,

this is a long due post, it's been in the draft for around 6 months now (haha) and I didn't know why I didn't write it sooner. I guess since I don't have much to say for the eyeshadow is famous on it's own. (not the specific color but the brand and collection itself).

Still, here it is.


Nightlife itself comes in a black hue with hints of sparkles, I do hope they have more sparkles since they look so shy.

I'm pairing the eyeshadow with some colorful collection from Make Up For Ever. Nightlife gives me a hint of smokiness at the outer corner.


It gave my eyes a wider look and still somewhat natural. It's not as intense as a matte solid eyeshadow since there's glitters.


The texture is fine and doesn't fall out much.


Easily blended and when used with a primer the color will intensify. Still I do wish it has more sparks.


I think I got mine from Luxola ^__^ Thank you.

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