Monday, November 9, 2015

Juara Candlenut Perfume Oil

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I hope everyone is okay. It's Monday alright, and I feel like dragging myself to actually do something else than housework. The never ending chores, I need a break, reviewing products help my mind to ease a little and hopefully help those who read mine. Committing in purchasing a product is not always easy, especially when we have sensitive skin or budget to follow.

One of the brand that I recently rediscover made with no known harmful chemicals, is Juara.
During JFW, Juara took part and I was invited to their press conference. It was quick and the highlights are on the background of Juara, the founder, and not so much about the product.

For you who haven't found out, Metta Murdaya, Yoshiko Roth, Jill Sung, and Tami Chuang, are the founders of Juara. Inspired by Jamu, this free animal testing products are paraben, sulphate, phthalate, and gluten free. Doesn't use harsh chemical and colorant, plus 100% vegetarian skincare too.

Since their products are all made in New York, the price is a bit steep and considered as a high end products in Indonesia.


These are the products given to me for the occasion. I have try some of their products as samples inside a beauty box and I'm not impressed. I think it was their scrub and facial cleanser, I don't really remember, I can only recall that they didn't give me much to be happy about.

I do love products that doesn't contain harmful chemicals, but they can't just stop there, they have to be effective too.


From these three products, only one need  to be reviewed in at least 2-3 weeks time before I can make a review, so I'll start with Candlenut Perfume Oil.


Whisk yourself away to a secluded, tropical beach with a single breath of an exotic Indonesian bouquet. Let the scent of lush greens, delicate freesia, white blooming jasmine, sparkling bergamot and gentle rose – with just a hint of fresh coconut - delight the senses. This portable perfume oil encompasses JUARA’s signature scent and offers an instant escape to the tropical beach.
Alcohol-free and long-lasting, this concentrated perfume oil can be applied directly to the skin without irritation. The gentle mélange of fast-absorbing botanical oils rolls on light-as-air, blending the perfume with your body’s natural chemistry. The roller ball applicator is small enough for any purse, perfect to use
anytime, anywhere.
Dermatologist Tested. Paraben-free. Alcohol-free. Petroleum-free. Free of artificial colorants. 100% Vegetarian.
Sustainability note: Perfume box is FSC certified and made from sustainably managed forests.

Ingredients: Neopentylglycol Dicaprylate/ Dicaprate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Vegetable Oil/Huile Végétale, Fragrance/Parfum

Apply sparingly anytime, anywhere to pulse points including wrists, behind the ears, base of the throat and behind the knees. To help the perfume last even longer, apply the Candlenut Body Crème or Candlenut Hand & Body Balm to pulse points before applying the perfume oil.


Apparently, this particular item comes with her sister in a range of candlenut (body creme and body polish). The perfume oil itself can be used just about anytime thanks to the tiny compartment, nothing unusual, it's the exact container used for many perfume oil around the world.

The product inside that made the difference. The aroma, is just divine, I'm addicted since the first time using it. The aroma is rustic, warm, rich, and captivating. Not something that really reminds me of Indonesia, but more like Hawaii.


The container is made with sustainability to the environment and filled with details we need regarding the product inside.

I'm enjoying using the roller ball anytime and anywhere. Especially when I want to escape from my routine, when I sniff the candlenut perfume oil, I'm back in paradise and tranquility.


I put them on at the locations suggested, at my pulse points. The scent will immediately enveloped me, since it's in an oil texture, the fragrance can linger longer and better even on warm places (like our pulses).

Of course, like any perfume oil, anything that applied on to the skin will have different reaction, some may feel more florals and some to the coconut, or some will become more intensify when they are active or for some other, they completely losing it. Me? I'm somewhere in the middle, it will eventually wears off, and on me, it doesn't last longer than 3 hours.


Thank you so much Juara and I want to officially welcome Juara into my life as starting from this Candlenut Perfume Oil, I'm a fan.

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