Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Shu Uemura blanc:chroma intense spot corrector

Hello lovelies,

this is shu uemura blanc:chroma intense spot corrector.

At first I thought that it is a 100% skincare, like a precised serum on the exact area, but it turns out to be something else. It still contain ingredients like skincare benefits but acts like a makeup base/ dark spot concealer.


The product shaped like a pen, small and handy. The details are everywhere on the packaging from instruction to ingredients, it is small indeed and I haven't been able to get more information from their website, here's what's written (and readable) from the box.

*Helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots, as if corrected.
Apply at the end of skincare routine and anytime during the day. Turn the twist-top slowly until the formula comes out. Avoid eye areas.

I gave up on the ingredients, but rest assure it is written on the packaging.


The tip is a fine brush, comfortable for sensitive areas and still white and clear when new. Keep on twisting the end until the formula comes out.


After several twists that seem endless at first, then the formula start leaking. It's kinda like a liquid concealer but thinner and more delicate when touching the skin.


As usual, since the product is somewhat like skincare and act like a base, the concealing power is mild. It is a unique product since the creamy liquid blends easily on the skin (when used before powders).


I use it mainly on the upper cheek area where the some dark spots are visible. You can simply use it anywhere you please beside for dark spots. The corrector also acts a bit as a soft highlighter, reminds me a lot of that famous pen from another brand.

When used properly, the product easily blended on the skin and the result is a softer shade of the dark spots. The skincare ability will only be seen after a routine use for around weeks (according to their research

The product is convenient during travel and can be used anytime when the skin is not covered in powder. Some powder will noodled with the product, or try apply it thinly for a finer finish and dab it gently on the areas applied.


As seen above, the areas where I'm applying blanc:chroma intense spot corrector is brighter and the skin appears softer too.

The eyes does have that effects on our overall look.


Thank you so much Shu Uemura Indonesia for the handy product.

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