Monday, November 23, 2015

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Cucumber

Hello everyone,

Elizabeth Arden has a lot of new fragrance and I don't think they'll stop anytime soon.

With their existing iconic series from the Red Door and especially Green Tea alone, the variant is more than most brand would have.

The Red Door just launch a new variant called Always Red.


Always Red has that Red Door feature bottle but in slightly different shade. Darker and black on the top for an ombre finish. The scent for me is a bit more serious compared to Red Door.


During the event, Elizabeth Arden Indonesia also introduces me to their new product in the skincare line. A product that has been gaining a heaps of attention here and there and where most skincare brands developed. It's like a primer to a serum, a 'thing' that become a booster for a serum, made to be used just before serum to increase the efficacy, which serum? Any serum!


The product comes in this milky gel texture, very easy to be taken by the skin and it's is made for any serum (even for the non Elizabeth Arden).


And of course, the perfume, the one why this post is made, Green Tea Cucumber, the one that I fell in love immediately due to it's freshness and apparently it's because there's watermelon inside (no wonder).

Green Tea Cucumber

A refreshing, limited edition fragrance. Designed to evoke that feeling of stepping outside on a radiant summer morning, the citrus-green will transport you to a summer escape. Infused with a watery crispness, this scent opens with top notes of dazzling citrus and Wet Cucumber Accord followed by a summery bouquet of Watermelon and French Violet Leaves Absolute. The base of Ambrette Seed and Radiant Amber rounds off the scent with a delicate warmth and a touch of softness.

Green Tea Bamboo

Present in many parts of the world, Bamboo is widely recognized as a symbol of longevity and healing. Its vibrant green shoots grow in tandem with each other, younger plants growing around older plants being careful not to block their sunlight. Tall, still and abundant, these gardens emanate peace, and well being.

Green Tea Cucumber smells so fresh, light, fruity and lightly green, while Green Tea Bamboo is much more greener and unisex compared to Cucumber. I personally choose Cucumber than the Bamboo, it's just so lovely and fresh.


There's Sunflower Morning Gardens too that smell lighter than Sunflower original, yes, I'm a huge fan of fragrance from Elizabeth Arden and has been using her brand since 20 years ago. Sunflower and Red Door are my two favorite fragrance when I was still in school.


Thank you so much Elizabeth Arden Indonesia for having me and plays around with the perfume, it brings back so many memories, see you again soon!!

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