Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Shiseido White Lucent 100 Brightest Stars

Hello everyone!!!

I'm so excited sharing this post, it's about my experience being one of 100 Brightest Stars invited by Shiseido Indonesia.


As Shiseido is now under new management and directly under Shiseido Japan, the program and current campaign has now become in sync with the International agenda.

Welcoming the new White Lucent collection, Shiseido engaging 100 beauty enthusiasts, bloggers and alike in their Asia campaign.


Beside Indonesia, there's New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, Korea and other countries too, I'm truly honored and so happy becoming one of the stars.

During the first event, we were interviewed, took pictures, made videos and literally have fun with the products. Coming here with 7 other beauty bloggers brings out the real fun, I know there's many event out there but they all usually focusing on the press conference, media exposure, talk show and so on, while this one 100% focusing on the products and us as the one (who will) experiencing the products.

Engaging with Cosmopolitan Indonesia, everyone is having a blast.


I wont share much in this post, no worries, I'll share more post in the future, regarding my experience in using the products, the events, and many many more too!!!

Meanwhile, let's take a look at what they gave us in the first event (beside happiness and lovely settings in pink and whites).

A box full of goodies.


What are they? One tube of White Lucent Brightening Cleansing Wash and inside the box? 4 container with fairies on each of the packaging.
3 pump bottles and 1 pot container.


1. The Lotion.

The biggest pump bottle.
Like a Whitening IV Drip, this alcohol-free lotion gently forges pathways for active ingredients to rush deep into the skin, and make it more receptive to whitening.

Smooth four pumps of lotion over your face using a cotton pad after cleansing.

2. The Serum.

The smallest pump bottle.

Inspired by lasers, this is simply the most advanced micro-targeting serum that's ever gone after your spots.

Smooth two pumps of serum over your face morning and evening, after softener and before moisturizer.

3. The Emulsion.

The pump bottle in the mid size (not the smallest and not the biggest).

Like a sleep chamber for your skin, this alcohol-free emulsion creates an atmosphere of all-night whitening. It extends the effects of your whitening care by repairing skin's barrier function and preventing treated spots from reappearing.

Smooth two pumps of emulsion over your face each evening after cleansing and softening.

4. The Night Cream.

The only one in a jar.

Modeled after the concept of IPL treatment, this multi-functional whitening night cream instantly solves a multitude of your pigmentation concerns by strengthening cells that regenerate by night.

Smooth a pearl-sized drop over your ace each evening after cleansing and softening.


Reading on the details, the products looks promising, right?! Wait now, these are just a preview and NOT the real packaging since the products are not yet available in Indonesia within this year. So you'll have to be patience and wait until next year.


Till then, please do read our journey and experience with the product at the social medias using hashtags such as #100brighteststars, #ShiseidoID, #BeautyInYouID, #CosmopolitanID.


Thank you so much Shiseido and Cosmopolitan Indonesia, see you all again real soon.

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