Monday, November 2, 2015

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Kiss & Love Collection

Hello lovelies,

especially YSL beauty enthusiast!!! Yves Saint Laurent would never stop creating, even with their current available collection, they'll continue making us wants some more.

The already loved and craved lipstick now come with a bit of a twist, lip marks all over with Kiss & Love Collection.


The first lipstick that dared to create a scandal in 1978 and has since become a YSL icon. To celebrate this symbol of femininity, Yves Saint Laurent introduces the limited-edition Kiss & Love Collection embossed with red, pink, orange and nude love bites. The formula offers rich, luxurious color and deeply nourishing antioxidant care. Lips are soft, supple and smooth. A simply captivating collector’s item.
Comes in Le Rouge (1), Le Orange (13), Le Nu (70), Le Fuchsia (19).

Mine is clearly, in Le Rouge (no.01).


Everything is similar to it's original collection, just that cute lipstick mark printed on the packaging.

The golds are irresistible, there's nothing passable with YSL collection, even the details of the container and material looks exclusive.


On the box, the ingredients are written clearly and not too small, so you don't need a magnifying glass to read the fine prints.


As usual, each shades comes with slightly different ingredients, especially on the colorant parts.


And here's the lipstick, the one that covered with lip marks all over.


They look so cute, right?! Small things like this that made stuff become collectible items. 


And the color? As usual, bright, bold, vivid, rich and empowering. This is a color that help define someone who uses it.

The texture is so smooth, velvety and luxurious, doesn't give the lips a dry spell and doesn't bleed nor feel oily and uncomfortable. It is pure privilege. 


Thank you so much YSL Beaute Indonesia.

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    That red color is so gorgeus. :)