Monday, November 23, 2015

Shiseido White Lucent 100 Brightest Stars (Part 3)

Hello lovelies,

continuing my journey with Shiseido White Lucent as one of 100 Brightest Stars.

I've tried their products, reviewed them on my second post and now, I finally get to share their real packaging and the ones that will be available in Indonesian market (those who live abroad would definitely see them first).


Invited to the second event, we are once again greeted with the beautiful pink and white decors. They are look so pretty and adorable! We all get to dressed up in pinks too.

Everyone who came feel so happy and the relaxing plus comfortable ambiance begun the minute when we walked in. Familiar faces and of course, we get to have a live chat with the Shiseido team in Japan.


We are all busy chatting, taking pictures and preparing ourselves with the questions we want to ask the team from Shiseido in Japan, this is a rare and exciting opportunity, we also get to share our experience after using Shiseido White Lucent more than a month.

During the event another product is added, the masks.


Cosmopolitan Indonesia is also here to help share the news, preparing the bloggers and recording our journey as 100 Brightest Stars ^__^


It's like a dream come true.


Waiting for everything to be set up, the bloggers are getting ready with the photoshoots, video recording, and finally, the live chat. We are all in pink ^__^


With the help of a translator, each of us can us questions, mine are:
1. How to maximize the effects we get from Shiseido White Lucent
2. Does the products can be used with others to help those with different skin's need (like firming, aging, and so on)?

The answers:
1. Use the products are the instruction and always use a sunscreen during the day. Sun protection attire also help, like hats, clothing, umbrella, that have UV defense material. Try avoid staying too long under the sun when it is not needed.

2. Yes, Shiseido White Lucent itself also contain ingredients that promote hydration, calming and firming which is considered as anti aging. Those who uses White Lucent routinely and correctly will gain overall benefits.


And yes, they are right, I've been using the white bottles above (which some has become empties now) and I do see the overall benefits. Hydration, firming alongside with brightening and improving the skin transparency too.

We are also told not to use sunscreen when it has been opened for more than 12 months. Not just paying attention to the expiry dates but the opening time. You can see that products has timings on its own once open, some 3 months, some 6 months and some even 1 month. Do read each of the products carefully.

And now, are you ready to see the real (packaging) of the products? Here they are!!! All so lovely in pinks!!


The lotion, the serum, emulsion and night cream. Pardon the Ultimune, of course she also wants to be in the picture. And here are their real names:

lotion: Luminizing Infuser
serum: MicroTargeting Spot Corrector
emulsion: Luminizing Surge.
night cream: MultiBright Night Cream

Right now in Indonesia, you can only find Ultimune, my advice, try it and start being amazed.


And here's the mask, the one that where each of them contain enough as a bottle of serum.

The mask can be used just about anytime, day or night. A lot of models use masks during the day before they are going to work, so their skin is ready for that day. The hydration, brightness and mochi like bounciness is lovely.

I've used the masks several times and the skin seems loving it. Do check out my instagram @carnellin as I'm sharing images when I'm with the mask.


Use it on a cleaned skin, after the lotion. Put the mask on and try to rest so the mask can works better on a calm and relaxed skin. "This mask saturates skin with a profusion of whitening ingredients, and ejects excess melanin.

When you remove the mask, you'll see your skin looking refreshed, bright and even-toned, as though its excess melanin has been lifted and released."


Then gently pat the skin so the rest of the 'juice' can be taken by the skin and non wasted. Use a moisturizer afterwards to seal the nourishment inside.
When the products all used together, they'll support each other and become optimized. I know for a fact that some people prefer to buy one and use one at a time and expect to see results as if they are using everything in the range. When you want to try Shiseido White Lucent, try using them all, if you're curious and want only to try one, try from their mask. You can see instant effects of the product.


Thank you so much Shiseido Indonesia for the chance I don't think possible, I already have fair skin and usually avoiding whitening/brightening products since I thought I didn't need them, now I know there's more beyond Shiseido White Lucent that is not just brightening or whitening, it's de-stressing, comforting, relaxing the skin, away from redness, allergic reactions, sensitivity, pure hydration and unbeatable clarity and radiance I always adore.

As a skincare blogger, I truly recommend Shiseido White Lucent for beauty beyond fairness.


See you again soon!!


  1. Hi Ci...can u share range price for those Ultimune? :)

  2. Haii, sorry, because they are not available yet, their pricing also haven't been shared by Shiseido Indonesia.