Monday, November 9, 2015

Agelez Bihaku

Hello everyone,

weeks ago I went to an event from Agelez Bihaku at Central Park Mall.

There's an area right in front of Burger King (LG floor) where a stand of Agelez Bihaku filled with passerby who wants to get to know more about the product.


What is Agelez Bihaku?

Agelez Bihaku is the 1st most advanced liquid collagen supplement with nano-sized made in Japan and now available in Indonesia, that combines 13500mg Premium Nano Collagen with Fast Absorb System, Salmon Ovary Peptide, Brown Rice Stemcell (Phyto-Ceramide) and 8 other premium ingredients (vitamin C, vitamin E, Biotin, L-Cysteine -Premium Glutathione Precursor-, CO-Q10, Protein Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, and Elastin) that will synergistically restore your skin natural glow and help reduce the signs of aging from inside out.

The product retail for Rp. 890,000 and available in,,, Elevania, and more.

Please do read more and understand more by checking out their website.


During the event, I get to have a skin consultation using a machine, a quick scan has help anyone understand their skin better, what do they need and their condition at the moment. Turns out my skin is dehydrated (no surprise there) and in need of collagen. Good thing that Agelez Bihaku gave me a box of Agelez Bihaku Premium Nano Collagen 13500mg

The drink contain all of those high quality ingredients that helps brighten the skin tone, helps fading dark spots, producing new skin cells for younger looking skin, anti aging ingredients that fights sun ray and free radicals, seal waters within for a moist skin, detoxing, increase immunity, keep the heart healthy, reduce stretch mark, boost the firmness of the breast and buttocks, delaying gray hair and strengthening the hair, nails, and follicle, increasing energy, and overall skin health from within.

As a 35 years old mom, I need all of those above. I'm exhausted most of the time, lack of sleep from doing the chores and my full activity as a beauty blogger and managing events plus everything in between. I often feels tired and my skin does looks tired even thou I already did my best in using only the best skincare and try to maintain a proper diet.


For me, there's no harm in trying Agelez Bihaku. I've consumed and tried many collagen drinks and jelly from my trips to Japan and Singapore. Seems like Japanese women really like their collagen and have it every single day. Perhaps, it is one of the reason why many Japanese women looks so much younger than they real age and seems like doesn't age or at least aged slower than people from other part of the world.

Collagen drinks, powder, jelly, are everywhere. There's even collagen bottled water in Japan and instant noodle with collagen. I do believe that one of the best country that produce collagen supplement is Japan. Agelez Bihaku could be one of them. High in collagen concentrate and comes in nano formula so it is easily absorbed.


I've been consuming Agelez Bihaku for days now. The liquid is thick and a bit like liquid gel, the color is like liquid gold or honey. It tasted like peach (as described on the packaging). The details are suffice on the box and at the bottle. It can be enjoyed after meal and once a day is enough.


Drink it with your favorite dessert, juice, ice, or drink it as it is. The bottle is small enough to fit my purse so I can take it everywhere and drink it any time during the day.

It is refreshing when ice is added, especially during the day. The sweetness is not too much and the peach flavor is just right.

It has become my treat for the day and I know every time I drink the liquid, I'm doing what's best for my body, skin and hair. It is like an all in one health drink any women should have. The only downside is that they only gave me a box, I wish they gave me enough for 30 days ^___^


I feel that I'm becoming more energized than when I'm not drinking Agelez Bihaku. My skin also appears more hydrated overall (not just facial skin, but all over). My nails appears stronger too and I'm just having it for a couple of days now, imagine what it'll do if I drink it on regular basis for 30 days.
50 ml x 10 bottles : @ 13500mg Highest Quality Collagen +  10 active anti-aging ingredients with Fast Absorb System. [ 1 MONTH SUPPLY ]

ageLEZ Bihaku Premium Collagen is a natural, highest-quality bioactive formula, that boost your natural collagen production that fight all signs of aging, to support skin smoothness and moisture, giving you better skin elasticity to unveil firmer, youthful and healthy-glow looking skin.

You can also take the product as an immune system support and energy boost, since it contains CO Q-10, Vitamin E, B, and Vitamin C 500% Nutrient Reference Value.

+ Boost the Production of New Collagen Cells
+ Increase Skin Plumpness - Moisturizes Skin
+ Promote Radiant-Glow, Refresh Dull Skin
+ Improved Skin Tightening, Elasticity and Firmness
+ Reduce Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Dark Spots & Eyes Dark Circle
+ Acts as sunblock from the inside to Protect Skin against UV Rays
+ Smoothen Large Pores + Reduce Acne
+ Skin Whitening and Brightening
+ Firming Breasts and Buttocks
+ Reduce Stretch Marks
+ Delay Grey Hair + Prevent Hair falls
+ Stronger Healthy Nails
+ Support Immune System + Boost Energy
+ Increase Joint and Bone Health
+ Delay Menopause


Apparently, there's so many things this product can do, including bone health and even delaying menopause without known harmful chemicals (do click on the image above for larger view).


Nowadays, thanks to Agelez Bihaku, I'm more aware with what I consume everyday. I increase my intake on food that good for the overall health. I love fruits and vegetables, now I eat more fish instead of meat as well. Seems like Agelez Bihaku alert me even more that what we digest also have impacts to our skin, so it's not just what we put on top (such as good skincare or makeup) it's what within.


Salmon roe is one of the ingredients inside Agelez Bihaku, for those who dislike the fishy taste may just consume Agelez Bihaku, since the peach flavor is subtly sweet and of course taste much better than fish roe.


Thank you Agelez Bihaku my skin is becoming more supple and I love the moistening effect from within. The boost of energy also wonderful as I work almost 16 hours a day. My hair appear shinier and healthier too. I will keep on consuming Agelez Bihaku whenever I have the chance, so my skin, nails and hair will stay gorgeous, better and longer too.


Read more about Agelez Bihaku and their promotions at;
Facebook (Agelez Bihaku Indonesia)
Twitter (agelezbihakuid)
Instagram (agelezbihakuid)


See you on my next post!!

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