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Shiseido White Lucent 100 Brightest Stars (Part 2)

Hello lovelies,

 I've been a part of Shiseido newest campaign for Asia, 100 Brightest Stars and I'm still very happy and excited with their program. All of the bloggers and beauty enthusiasts are getting a lot of products from Shiseido in the campaign.


If you read my first post about the campaign, then you'll know that those are the four mysterious items. The lotion, serum, emulsion and night cream.

I'm using them everyday and I'm ready to give a review.

Let's start with the lotion.

The one with clear and transparent gel like formula that smells like white flowers. Oh the scent is amazingly beautiful, calming and not too much. The minute it touches my skin with the cotton pad, my skin feels the hydration, like it finally can drink again after being cleansed.

It kinda smells like white lilies. I love it.

Cleansing sometimes can takes away some or few of the moisture off the skin, it does take away makeup, dirt, and so on, but the skin would need their moisture back, by using the lotion, the skin clean condition can start being nourish again, the lotion made them ready for the next step by softening the cells. Hydrating is the key.


When the skin is hydrated enough, it's time to use the second bottle, the serum.

The lotion is clear and like a fluid gel, while the serum is similar but slightly milky, the scent is a bit sharper than the lotion and penetrate way easier on the skin, like almost instantly. It gives my skin an instant supple and bouncy effect. I'm a huge fan of serum and always remember to use it during my skincare routine. For me, serum is the concentrate, the main element in skincare, it holds everything together and made to be absorbed by the skin. This product surely shows all the good signs of a good serum. From the consistency, texture, and ability to give my skin a boost. Weeks after weeks my skin appear brighter, I thought my skin is already fair enough and I don't need to use a brightening products but I guess the White Lucent gave more than fairness, it has clarity and brightening effects I adore.

I think my skin also appear firmer and younger too thanks to the suppleness and less dark spots.


Right after serum, it's bottle number 3. 
The milky white emulsion. They all smells so fragrant and calming at the same time. It is moisturizing, repairing and creating barrier for the skin with long lasting effect that last for 8 hours. It is pampering and help the skin fights against spots. At this stage, the skin already feels so good and very comfortable, it is perfect as an all night whitening.


The last item in the series is the night cream. The one that is the thickest of all four. Like a gel, with faint milky pink color. Smells fresh and in sync with the rest of the products, I feel serene. The multi-functional cream hydrates, moisturizes, seals everything within the skin, like a sleeping mask that works overnight eliminating dark spots, dullness, acne scars (or other scars too) and uneven skin tone night after night. Like an eraser that remove all 'mistakes' happens on our life skin.

From being careless and hardly use any sunscreen during the day, habits on squeezing those acne, or things that we can't control like get an uneven skin exposure from the sun, chickenpox that leaves marks, and everything else that happens in life.

The products helps me to start a new beginning, like I have another chance to start over. The skin once again begins to clears up within weeks of usage, and hmm, it even looks better than before.

I have a dry skin, the series cares for the dryness too and I've been noticing that the skin doesn't feel or look dry anymore. The upper cheeks areas are the most prone area to dryness, now, they look comfortable and healthy.


As I was happily 'playing' with the four fairies, Shiseido sent me another package, and this time it's a product that comes in it's own packaging and not hiding inside white containers anymore.


It's the Ultimune.


Powering skin’s beauty now, and over time.

Like your body, your skin has an immune system that functions less efficiently with time, environmental exposure and stress. Ultimune helps boost skin’s multi-defensive powers while helping to strengthen its resistance to day-to-day damage and signs of aging. Over time, skin looks smoother and more resilient, making wrinkles less noticeable as your complexion begins to glow.
  • Shiseido’s exclusive Ultimune Complex* is formulated with a unique blend of Bulgarian Rose Water, Aqua In Pool and Yeast to protect, strengthen, and maintain healthy looking skin.
  • Formulated with a unique botanical power blend with Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract, Shiso and Thyme.
  • For women of all skin types and all ages.
  • In 4 weeks: firmness and resilience are improved, making wrinkles less visible.
  • To use: Apply two pumps morning and evening after cleansing and balancing skin. Apply Ultimune before using targeted serums.


The details, instruction and everything is written clearly on the packaging, there's also a pamphlet that filled with needed information. The product is made to satisfy customer in a way that at least I haven't tried before.

It's complimenting the skincare used and in this opportunity the collection from White Lucent and help my skin by boosting the series plus adding it's own benefits from creating that radiant glow, de-stress the skin and best of all the skin looks younger. The wrinkles are less visible and the fine lines looks so much relaxed that they almost disappear.

I'm not young anymore and daily stress is definitely felt by me every single day. These products are right for me, it helps many different aspects, from becoming a multi-function anti aging by adding a single product it helps my skin in a way that I don't think possible.


Most brightening products on the market focusing on exfoliating the skin or adding higher concentrate on certain ingredients for a factor of two, but Shiseido White Lucent start by preparing the skin, pampering and caring by help the skin to relaxed, by doing so the skin will become more flexible, resilient and when it is calmer or (best) stress free, the skin will 'eat and drink' better from the skincare put on top. It's like the body, we need to rest, we need to be pampered.

Like when we went into a spa, our mind also enjoying the benefits when our body is taken care off. We're become happier, more vitality and spirit to face the life.

I guess, with the same principal, Shiseido tries to comforts the skin and fulfill their needs as well as the senses. Hence the white floral aroma smells so good and made to help ease the mind.

Overall, Shiseido White Lucent and the Ultimune included, become a solution for almost everything I search for in a skincare products. And that's for me means one less thing to be worried about.


The texture of the Ultimune is similar to the serum, also very light and easy to be used. I'm using Ultimune right after lotion and before the serum. It is absorbed easily too. Feels comfortable and adding a bit more bounciness for the skin to look plump. Giving enough 'omph' for the lines to smooth-en out.


At this point, I feel like I'm in a point of no return, or to be exact, I don't want to return to where I was, I found them (my skincare) and gladly will continue using them.


And when I think that I have enough, Shiseido gave me another product, the masks!!!


Stay tune on my next post as I'll reveal the true packaging of the fairies, the review on the mask and a look inside the second event where we finally meet (online) with the team from Japan.


Below is me in their campaign video.


Okay, enough for the preview ^__^


Thank you so much Shiseido for the wonderful experience and you for reading my post.

See you soon!


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