Monday, November 9, 2015

Shiseido Professional Adenovital Scalp Essence

Hello lovelies,

Shiseido Professional is definitely making its way to Indonesian market. From the salon treatments, irresistible hair colors and products that help hair growth too called Adenovital Scalp Essence.


Formulated with active ingredients that deeply penetrate into the hair root and directly act on the hair growth mechanism, conditions the scalp environment to prevent hair thinning and hair loss, promoting growth of voluminous hair.
Conditions the scalp environment to prevent hair thinning and hair loss, and promotes the voluminous hair.
Based on state-of-the-art bioscience, ADENOVITAL focuses on the five mechanisms within the hair root that contribute to the anti-hair loss. Backed by Shiseido’s proprietary technology and ingredients, ADENOVITAL conditions the scalp environment to promote luxurious volume.


Adenosine (Shiseido’s original ingredient)
This unique biogenical ingredient works directly on the hair papilla, producing “growth factors” that are essential to preventing hair loss. (Contained in Scalp Essence V)

Ononis Extract (fortifying agent)
Strengthens the cuticle to make hair more resistant to damage.

AG Complex (moisturizing agent)
Moisturizes and helps to improve the condition of the scalp. (Contained in Scalp Essence V)
*A complex which is composed of Ashitaba extract, Lingzhi extract, Japanese pepper extract, and sorbit.

Fragrance "ENERGY FLOW"
A bright, invigorating scent of sweet natural fruits that have grown strong under the sun’s life-giving power with a hint of aromatic green. (Contained only in Shampoo and Scalp Treatment)


The clear tonic contain a lot of ingredients that help hair growth, fortify the hair, strengthen the roots, moisturize the scalp and mild energizing aroma. It pleases the scalp when used, especially when used after the scalp and hair is cleaned with a detoxifying shampoo so there's nothing blocking it's path to be absorbed. Based on the research it has to be used for months to see the result, but so far, I'm enjoying the ride.


The tonic feels comfortable, has that cooling sensation on the scalp, it also comes in a spray container but mine is not. I wish I have the one with the spray, so pour some on a spray container (bottle) which can be bought anywhere (like MUJI) and spray it on area where it need the tonic. Can be used everywhere on the scalp or just on top area where the thinning mostly happen.

The tonic can be used as a prevention or remedy as well. This is especially needed and handy too for the future (aging does related to hair fall/thinning).

Tips: Avoid using too much, especially when you have oily scalp (like me).

Thank you Shiseido Professional Indonesia for the lovely product for my scalp.

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