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Shinzu'I Facial Wash

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last week some of the bloggers are invited for an event with SHINZU'I  to celebrate and let everyone know that putih itu SHINZU'I (or white means SHINZU'I). You can read all about it at social medias at checking out the hashtag #shinzuigathering.


Beside the facial wash, SHINZU'I also have products such as bar soaps, here are the details from their official website:

Shinzu'i lightening skin care has been formulated naturally with Herba Matsu Oil Japan, a precious essential oil from Matsutake mushroom. Shinzui's natural ingredient may brighten the skin to fade pigmentation.

Shinzu'i has 6 famous Japan famous flower fragrance: Sakura, Matsu, Kirei, Hana, Myori and Kensho. Complete whitening skin series start from bar soap, body cleanser, body lotion, scrub, facial wash and compact powder.


You've probably heard, see and use their body cleanser that comes in a bar/liquid form. SHINZU'I itself has won many awards in Indonesia and used by many, famous for the whitening effect.

I'm going to share with you about the facial wash in this post.

The facial wash itself comes in three variant:
Skin Lightening Facial Wash
Anti Acne Facial Wash
Exfoliating Scrub Facial Wash.


Their texture is rather similar, all comes in white packaging (which is their signature) and the details looks kawaii and exquisite.

There's details on every product regarding the ingredients, instruction and benefits in using them.

The key ingredients are:
Herba Matsu Oil
Transform melanin pigmentation into leukomelanin to lighten the skin tone, skin becomes fair and moist.
Sakura Flower Extract
Regenerates epidermal cells to prevent dull skin, skin becomes brighter and supple.


Use it by lathering them really well on the palm with water so the cleanser become this dense fluffy foam, and use that fully developed foam on the wet skin. Let the foam cleanse your skin.

Between each product, an ingredient or two is differed, like the scrub. Using Okinawa Salts from Japan that help removing dead skin cells to help smoothen the skin, brighter, and moist. Artichoke that help reduce the pores.

The scrub itself comes in a small beads and quite gentle on the skin.

Skin Lightening Facial Wash:

Which Hazel bahan alami sejenis tanaman yang membantu mengecilkan pori-pori kulit wajah agar tetap halus, lembut & segar berseri.
Cotton Extract Moisturizer (pelembab) dari bagian alami biji kapas yang menjaga kulit wajah senantiasa alami, elastis & mencegah kulit dari kering dan kusam.


Anti Acne Facial Wash with Kihada Extract that deal and help preventing acne plus beet extract to control the sebum level on the skin.

The color of the white gel is slightly red while the Skin Lightening Facial Wash is white and the Exfoliating Scrub is white with green beads.


You may choose to use a product that suits your needs at the moment, either skin lightening, acne prone, or a scrub that lift up dead skin cells.

I think the product is more suitable for those with oily skin and dull too. The main focus of SHINZU'I is lightening the skin for a brighter look that helps getting that clearer effects. Of course the product can not stand on their own, do use a proper skincare afterwards to help maximizing the effect. From toner that soothing, calming and preparing the skin for brightening serum, moisturizer that helps the skin stays moist and away from irritation (since irritation cause redness and eventually dark spots) and sunscreen. Very important to use a good sun protection that shield the skin from the sun (one of the reason we get dark spots and dark skin in the long run).


Regarding the product, the important thing need to be remembered is making sure that the gel is properly foamed up before use. So the cleansing agent has been developed on the palm. Use a foam net since it will help getting that dense foam, the foam that perfectly developed doesn't slip easily and won't even fall off from your palm when put upside down.


SHINZU'I Facial Wash (any variant) that I've tried all contain a very high foaming agent, so the skin will feel dry, use skincare when the skin is still damp after washing. I always use a water base skincare since it is easily absorbed by the skin, or when it is very dry, add a bit that contain oil like emulsion.

Exfoliate the skin according to your skin need, 1-2 times a month is enough to help caring for the skin and doesn't get easily irritated. The skin beneath is still young, there's a natural regeneration process, when the skin is mature, the upper layer will eventually fall out, a good scrub only help making sure that the dead skin cells removed gently.


After using the products and having them tried and tested, SHINZU'I invited us (the bloggers) to their gathering.

The event is held with Kawaii Beauty Japan at Senayan City.

The event is filled with everything white and pink.


The main highlight of the event is sharing more insight from those behind SHINZU'I. Their passion, targeted customer, achievements and more details on the ingredients too plus their research on why they are choosing certain ingredients in their products.


I'm happy to know that SHINZU'I doesn't stop researching in finding more ways to help brighten our skin. The products will keep on growing, hopefully in the near future moisturizers, body butters and other form of  skincare and body care collection while keep improving their qualities.


SHINZU'I already one step ahead by not using harmful known ingredients banned in Indonesia. Maybe someday SHINZU'I will have a collection for sensitive skin with mild formula, less fragrance and more hydrating agents too.


Thank you so much SHINZU'I for inviting me, hope to see you all again real soon!!!

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