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Trying Belif and My Dry Skin Loves Them

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Before you read this post, please do open the Introduction to Belif --> HERE

And now, I will do a review for you here  ◕ ‿ ◕
You've seen the product as well on the previous post. These are the 3 items that I've tried at home, after serious consideration and observation (no, I'm not, I'm just relaxing and enjoying the products, they are super comfortable), here is my review.

After kept on reading and reading, plus learning and learning from their website ( and pamphlet given by Belif Indonesia, I fell in love with belif even more.

They are real, no fuss no frills beauty products that gives simple products from the nature. High in quality but keep the packaging minimal for lower cost. How considerate ◕ ‿ ◕

These are the three items that I got from Belif:
(from the left)
The Aqua Herb Cream (which is da b.o.m.b)
Tinted Moisturizer Waterdrop B.B
Hungarian Water Essence

I love their packaging as well. The pot have this opening which looks like a hat when taken off. The black and white are simple and the blue represent the freshness and moistness they give.

Please do watch the videos below to get the ideas of how the skincare (Hungarian Water Essence and Aqua Bomb Herb Cream) works.
  ◕ ‿ ◕

And below is my picture after cleaned and used the essence and cream.

First, let me share with you about the essence. The Hungarian Water Essence is a prove that God loves us, he create these plants and other natural ingredients to gives our skin the hydration it needs. The clear gel infused in our skin creating a revolution that breaths live.
This herb boosts microvascular circulation, keeping skin tone clear and healthy. By removing active oxygen, it prevents oxidation of skin tissue.
See the slightly redness on my skin, no, it's not allergy, heat or any discomfort, in fact I feel cool, but it's the rosemary working and in the same time all other ingredients gives water in a form that easily accepted by my skin.

Then followed by the cream
The scent is wonderful, like a fresh plants and I really love how the cream which is so much like a gel pampered the skin, creating this protective layer of hydration and so much love. The skin become dewy once again.
Lady's mantle
This herb helps soften the skin with its natural properties to remove dry, scaly, and flaky skin, while controlling excess sebum, resulting in tighter pores and less oily shine. Also acts as an excellent moisturizer.
Yes, a perfect moisturizer without being overwhelming nor too heavy on the skin. They are far from greasy and oily.

After waiting for a while (just like I normally do) around 5-10 minutes, I applied the Tinted Moisturizer Waterdrop B.B

Careful thou, it does says moisturizer B.B but not to replace a moisturizer ya.

Here is some details:

Another love from me


It is well known fact that most B.B Cream caused the skin to dries out, that's why a long term usage can caused the skin to be flaky, dries out and even get worst after each usage.


Aahh! The gel, gooey, lotion feels light and the scent is almost like Aqua Herb Cream, I'm in a herbal garden now, so happy!


I apply it on my skin, just a small one will do. I'm the type of person who always put too much products heehee, but this time I believe in Belif and put just enough.


Easily distributed and again, the smell . . . it is comforting.
Then after evenly distributed, here's my after picture,

ta da! An even-toned skin, moist and looks healthy too. The coverage is medium so the look is still natural and not heavy. The rosy undertone give my skin a pretty finish.

Suitable for those who have dry skin or wants to use a B.B Cream the whole day. The SPF 20/PA++ is perfect for daily use and the moisturizer gives your skin a hydration boost, but no worries there are Plantin, it regulate the skin's moisture so it would be just . . . right.

Overall, will I keep using them?

Hungarian Water Essence?

Yes, for

*the hydration it gives to the skin. It feels like the skin are drinking all the moisture from the water
*the comforts on the skin, no more dry, stiffed, nor tight skin

*being gentle, quickly absorbed and instant result
*universal, as it can be used on any skin type and location (elbows, neck, hands, etc).

Aqua Herb Cream?

Yes, for

*the wonderful creamy gel sensation, that is cooling, refreshing and not overwhelming
*the blue-colored cream, haha! For me anything that's blue is interesting.
*the moisture level it feeds into my skin and how it create a layer of moisture, so the skin stays hydrated longer and better.
*the wonderful scent, herb and naturally.
*suitable as a day and night cream

Tinted Moisturizer Waterdrop B.B?

Yes, for

*the moisture it helps to protect
*the SPF 20/PA++ which is perfect for daily usage (don't forget to double cleanse the skin later after the day's over)
*easy to blend and soft dewy finish
*comforting and not cakey.
*medium coverage for a natural look

Tips: You may apply loose powder afterwards for a matte looking skin.

And all of the products for doesn't have additive:

No addition of
Mineral oil, Synthetic fragrance, Synthetic dyes, Synthetic preservatives, Animal-origin ingredients.

ஐ¤*¨¨*¤¨°o.O See you on my next post O.o°¤*¨¨*¤εïз

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