Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cucumber Clean Milk and Fresh Water of The Body Shop

Hello lovelies!

Cucumber is here, they are Cleansing Milk and Freshening Water from The Body Shop.

Have you tried them?

Details from the bottles:

Cleansing Milk

Feel as cool as a cucumber with a cleanser that refreshes and lightly moisturizes, just like our original one. Now with Community Trade organically grown soya oil.

Freshening Water

Feel as cool as a cucumber with a toner that refreshes and cleanses, just like our original one. Now with Community organic aloe vera.

How to use:

The cleansing milk can be used on a dry skin, squirt around 1/4 of your palm and gently massage the light green creamy milk on your skin. The texture of the cleansing milk is not thick, so careful not to splash around and do not apply it to the sensitive eyes zone. Use a makeup remover for the eyes first when makeup is used. Especially if using waterproof makeup.

The cleansing milk should be able to clean foundation, powders, blush on and so on. Everything on the skin except lips and eyes. After finish massaging the whole face and neck with the cleansing milk, use cotton pad and swipe everything off. This is one of the down side of using cleansing milk, usually pile of used cotton pad trashed.

Sometime I do this step 2 times, or until the cotton pad is not dirty anymore and the skin does looks clean. Cucumber Cleansing Milk doesn't dries out the skin and I also like the scent. Reminds me of one particular local product ^__^

After finish with the cleansing milk, I use the Refreshing Water. Damp a cotton pad with it and swipe your skin. The Refreshing Water is cooling and comfortable even to the sensitive skin since I can't feel alcohol in it.

Overall, both of them did a great job but I still need a foaming facial wash right after the cleansing milk for that real clean feeling, which means, double cleansing.


  1. I luv cucumber fragrance ^^

  2. Hi fanie,

    yup yup, cooling, fresh and green. definitely not boring.