Thursday, September 13, 2012

TALIKA Skin Retouch Launch

Hello ladies ^0^

A couple days ago, I was invited by TALIKA Indonesia for a very lovely event.

Skin Retouch is here!!!

Yesterday, I arrived at Makan Makan Resto and ready to see this wonderful product claimed to give a photo retouch effect for our skin.

The team has prepared the room, all dressed in black, blue and white ^__^

This is it, this is the product, a white lotion comes from a tube completed with spatula for application. Ms. Sina told me, it is compulsory to use the spatula for it helps the cream to spread evenly and creating some kind of veil or mask, enveloping our skin.

Ms. Sina showed me the result on her hands, guess which one have used the Skin Retouch? Yes the left hand, the one that looks matte, smoother and softer tone.

I came early, so I have the chance to learn more about the product in a more private way.

Skin Retouch details from

Skin Retouch Face

30ml Tube Applicator | Ref. : 270L1
Over time, the face loses its smoothness. The skin does not reflect light evenly anymore. The skin starts to look dull, tired, and greyish.
SkinRetouch Face® acts as an instant corrector of time by playing smartly with light. The skin looks immediately younger.

Blurs fine lines and wrinkles
Unifies and matifies complexion
Tightens pores

How does it work?
Stretch texture: smoothens skin by filling wrinkles, fine lines, pores and dehydrated lines, without clogging the skin. Matifies and reduces shine.

Soft focus pigments: small pigments slip inside the wrinkles, fine lines and pores and the large ones cover imperfections on the surface to reflect light evenly. Through a brighter complexion, the face looks younger.

Directions for use
1. Apply your usual skin care on cleansed skin.
2. Apply Skin Retouch Face all over the face, smoothing, like a foundation, from the center of the face outwards.
3. How to use it in combination with make-up:
- Liquid foundations must be applied before SkinRetouch Face.
- Powders must be applied on top of SkinRetouch Face.

For whom?
All who want an immediate solution for younger, smoother looking skin.

- Every morning with or without makeup.
- Anytime during the day, as a corrector

Neat isn't it?! Seems like Talika will keep having these products that enhances our beauty. It's time for me to try it on my hands.

Aww! I like it. The skin look younger instantly and yes, they also have skincare benefit as well, so instead of using foundation that covers our skin with tone that sometime unnatural, I'll try Skin Retouch.

The Skin Retouch gives me:
* soft matte finish
* velvety smooth feeling to the touch
* natural coverage
* skin care benefit, as it have anti aging effect and brightens the skin

Stay tune for my next post ya as I use it on my face =^^=

Picture of me and Ms.Sina, she is so beautiful and tall!!!

Here is the product and available in Talika's counters for Rp. 485.000

Thank you Talika Indonesia for inviting me and you for reading the report, I will make another post for Skin Retouch A.S.A.P ^__^

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