Monday, September 24, 2012

Strawberry EDT of The Body Shop

Hmm! The delicious strawberry scent is everywhere the minute I spray them on. Not overly sweet, delightful, fresh and fun too.

It's the Strawberry EDT from The Body Shop.

I remember smelling them back then, when I first know The Body Shop which is more than 10 years ago. Strawberry already become a hit, well, not as much as White Musk, but look, the line also stays.

The fresh fruity scent is perfect for those who are young and vibrant, it helps freshen up the mood and airs surround us. The scent last around 3 hours, using the whole line of strawberry will make the scent last longer, like 4-6 hours (depends on your activity).

Last word: A scent worth holding on to.

Care for some delicious fresh fruity scent?


  1. i actually like this scent better than White Musk, Carnellin. lol :D
    btw, we met last Saturday at Lancome event! it was nice meeting you :)

  2. Hi Nita,

    Nice meeting you too :)

    I like them both haha! And fuzzy peach too, but they don't sell it anymore now :(