Friday, September 21, 2012

Clinique Indonesia and Beauty Bloggers

2 days ago I was invited by Clinique Indonesia to meet Mr. Rick Felecia, he is the Regional Education Manager, Clinique Asia Pacific.

It was a private lunch where the team from Clinique Indonesia only invited 5 beauty bloggers and we really enjoy our times there.

This is me arriving :)

I'm really excited, as Clinique is not a new brand, in fact they have been around for decades. Trusted and always been a safe choice for many. To tell you the truth, I recommend Clinique for my friends who has sensitive skin every time they ask my input, why?

Noticed the tag: Allergy Tested, 100% Fragrance Free? That's been my safety bet all this time, most of the skincare causes irritation due to the fragrances in it. And I'm astonish to know their effort in doing the allergy test, it involved a lot of effort and work, but that's their commitment to the brand, customers, public, like you and me.

There they are, some of the current products that are considered 'new' in the family of Clinique. I bet you already knew some of them ^__^ as they are famous alright.

While we are having our lunch, Mr. Rick are open for any questions and discussion regarding Clinique. I asked him about skin sensitivity, damaged skin due to acne and other aggressors, dark spots, and many other things. It was a real pleasure meeting him as he is a skincare lover like I am. We have the same passion on taking care of the skin and beauty products surrounds us.

I noticed one thing in the Clinique Indonesia's team, almost all of them have great skin and the rest still quite good. I met many other teams from different brand of beauty products, doesn't mean everyone in the beauty business have great skin, but in Clinique, clearly the percentage is higher.

Then, on that corner, I saw the one that started it all, that famous 3-Step Skincare. I've tried mine years ago, they are impressive and my one and only tips: Get that perfect one for you. Take the consultation and do the charts accordingly. So you'll get that suitable match for your skin.

These are the Chubby Sticks
Mega melon, Super Strawberry, Whole Lotta Honey and Whoppin' Watermelon

Open the lid and spin/twist the bottom and the fat 'pencil' shaped gloss will come out.

Aren't they adorable!

Rumor has it that they add more colors to the collection, I want some please!! The glossy effect is lovely and those sheer colors are perfect as a lip gloss or adding color dimension for the lips. The Brand Manager of Clinique Indonesia shares how she always use 2 chubby stick all at once and create a different shade that's uniquely hers.

Here it is, the famous chart. But right now, in the counter, they'll give you more insight for your skin and Clinique's product using the newest technology. Curious? Visit Clinique's counter near you.

After finishing the lunch, we took pictures together before going to the Clinique's counter at SOGO Plaza Senayan.

doctor is in, a dermatologist. Unlike some of other brand where you can't to be in sync with dermatologist, Clinique works hand in hand with dermatologist.

Some pictures of their new lay out and settings of the counter and that's a wrap!

Thank you so much Clinique Indonesia and all of you reading my post, I'll be back with reviews of products from Clinique.

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