Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Things I Wanna Hear In Korea

Hello everyone!

Today I'm gonna share with you my passion for Korea.

Around 5 years ago, I went to Korea for the first time, and it was like a dream come true. I've experience all what I witnessed in Korean Drama, dainty scenery, breathtaking natural grounds, eat the food that I longed for and immerse in the diversion of Sparkling Korea. Beautiful, friendly and rich in cultural heritage. Korean are happy people, they are warmth and embrace life in the most positive way. I felt that the moment I step my foot on Seoul.

And today reminiscing the old days I want to be in Korea again and hear . . . the beautiful serenade of life.

The hustling and bustling of the people in the market, voices of ajumma offering food, ahjussi selling clothes, shoes and bags. The sounds of being alive, energetic and dynamic. I want to hear them again and feel the zing to my soul.

Slurrppp!!! It the sound of all the people enjoying their meals.

The crackling pot of a delicious broth of seasonal food, seafood, beef, that famous crunchy chicken fried made with olive oil, where every bite gives me a crisp of deliciousness, and the gentle note of kimchi being chewed. Even the food symbolized a harmonious melody. Scrumptious and savory. The best from nature and cultural tradition pass on for generations. Perfection and love in every bite.

I want to hear the tastiest food being made, served and enjoyed. Palatable noises.

Then the surroundings, right outside Seoul, I hear the sounds of nature, the clouds moving, whispering through the mountains tops, slowly but sure the leaves are touching each other like a soft violin. Calling everyone to relax and unwind. Be one with the earth and gain strength to go through life.

I want to hear the nature, the drops of dews in the morning, the vox of petals opening.

I want to hear the gasping tone in awe of these remarkable plants, animals and the ambiance of Korea native universe.

And the trumpets of cultural value starts being blow, right in the courtyard of palaces. Spread all over the nation, ready to be discovered. The joy, pride and adore for hereditary masterpiece.

Hanbok, worn by Korean women, I heard the soft silk folded into one. The graceful movements and the chattering ladies, happy and ingratiating for their colorful Hanbok.

Hear, the men are calling too, they are wearing Jeogori and Paji. More subtle to depicture their charisma, charm and sentiment to Korean traditional style.

I want to hear it all, the music of folklore.

The cities. Horn blowing, winds between buildings, and everyone heard hurried up. Mixed of every lifestyle, school children, shopping moms, working dads, and grandparents having their daily walks. Yes, the city is always a dense, jazzy and merry. Technology and modernity making their noises to be No.1.

K-Pop, I hear them everywhere now. It's global, it's phenomenal, it's Korea.

I want to hear them all, this year, next year, again and again.

All the pictures are taken in the year 2007 in Seoul, Sokcho, Incheon, and Everland. And now as the years has passed and the amazing growth of Korea, the pictures need to be updated. Send me there and I'll show you the spanking new Korea, better, improved and more beautiful.


  1. Hi Xiao Vee,

    Yes, Korea is soooo wonderful, I miss Korea ^^