Friday, September 7, 2012

D'Eyeko Premium Lashes

Hello ladies,

D'Eyeko Premium Lashes kindly given me this opportunity trying on their lashes. 4 different shapes and length are send and here they are.

These 100% handmade lashes are made from natural hair, impressive isn't it and this natural hair lashes (bulu mata) are way more lighter than other material made by other brand.

Beside those 4 types of lashes D'Eyeko still have plenty of other options for you, from the simplest design to the more aesthetic creations you can ever imagine.

I've tried mine yesterday and here's a video to show it.

Yes my first lashes from D'Eyeko that I put on is Flirtatious.

A wriggly lashes that's look so unique and different.

It look so messy, but on the eyes it create this fuller natural wavy lashes.

This is the before after picture of using Flirtatious. Since the material is very soft and delicate, you can arrange the lashes on the direction you want, I need practice a bit and patience too haha! Do not rush during adoption.

And the lashes that I say to be the thinnest is this one, Felling Pretty.

It's not easy putting on the Felling Pretty. The lashes are too soft for me, I've tried to put it on but I need help.

There are some tools (from Japan) that can help, use it or a simple tweezers will do as well. 

The Lengthening and Super Full are both thicker than Feeling Pretty. Suitable for a gala ^__^

I love Super Full, it reminds me, I've seen these before, just like the one used by Dianna Agron from Glee.

I will try these on and gives you some pictures and review too. Just like the pictures below a Before and After.

Lashes do add and enhance the charms of our eyes. After all eyes are the window of our soul ^__--

What Flirtatious do?

Add volume and dimension to the lashes. Create a bigger eyes illusion and boost my confidence to a more flirtatious mode.

Here are some tips and review from me.

Some lashes that are thin or less hair on it, is a bit more difficult to be used. The cotton line that connects also very tenuous, the good news is that they are very light and you won't feel like it's bothering you. I've used many different kind, brand and material of lashes and some are a bit prickly and uncomfortable, rest assured that D'Eyeko Premium Lashes put the word comfort first.

And since they are made from natural hair, in terms of material, it is safer to be inserted near the eyes and on your lids.

 The glue itself is liquid, so put it on a container and use a toothpick or other small ends tool to apply it to the lashes. The glue also safe to be used around eyes, no sting reaction whatsoever and when pulled off, it was very gentle and doesn't hurt or pluck everything it touches.

also provide customer detailed information on each and every product of how to use it properly in a small pamphlet.
I think D'Eyeko emphasize and put great effort making sure customer satisfaction, even for beginners.

That's it for now, I'll be back with more photos and review of the other lashes I have from D'Eyeko.

Wanna know them better?

Here's their contact details ^__^

Thank you and see you soon!

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