Monday, September 17, 2012

My Shiso Days

Hi everyone!

First, I would like to thank The Body Shop Indonesia for the complete set of Moisture White Shiso, if you read my previous post, HERE, you'll read my first experience with Shiso and details on each of the products available in the range. And now, I will provide you the personal experience in adopting each of the products I've used these past few days.

Start with the Cleansing Powder, then pour some water after put on palm

With gentle particles that create a creamy lather when mixed with water, this cleansing powder gently remove dead cells and impurity from the skin surface without drying it. Suitable for all skin types.

Just like the rest of the range the Cleansing Powder contains:
Full ingredients
Shiso extract - reduces early melanin-making signals even before the hyperpigmentation process and melanin production cycle starts - helping prevent uneven skin tone, brown spots and freckles

Vitamin C - provides anti-oxidant protection helping to reduce the production of melanin

Organic Aloe - renowned for its incredible soothing, hydrating and moisturising properties

Lathered the watered powder and it turns into foam, very neat and handy during traveling since liquid is restricted. The foam also soft and gentle to the touch. Cleansing the skin without striping the moisture off. Lovely.

Then the self foaming facial wash, I always a fan of a self foaming facial wash, why? It does took an effort to create that perfect foam suitable for our skin and this product helps us by a lot ^__^ Softer bubbles even for the most sensitive skin. The feeling is comfortable, perfect to be used as a double cleanser after makeup remover and cleansing milk/oil.

After the foam the skin feels supple yet not squeaky clean, the cleanliness is just right. Friendly to the skin.

Then after finish cleaning the skin, followed by toner (Essence). The clear light watery toner is a delight to the skin. Divided into no 1 and 2 (I and II). For dry skin to normal and the other for combination to oily.

After cleansing, dampen a piece of cotton wool with Moisture White Shiso Moisturising Essence and wipe gently in an upwards and outwards direction.

The toner helps preparing the skin for the next step. Making sure the surface are damp and clean from all remaining residue, including other materials from water and towel used.

Now, here is one of the item added to the range, only available in Moisture White Shiso, the Target Perfector. the liquid inside is clear and watery. Doesn't create any sensation or feeling when used,

Vitamin C - provides anti-oxidant protection helping to reduce the production of melanin

and the vitamin C inside proven to be delicate to my sensitive cheeks. I use it in every place I see some darkening shade, spots, freckles, including the bone of my nose.

Then I used the Eye Serum, take note that you can use the Eye Serum  before the Target Perfector.

 Remember to use only a rice sized cream for the eye, then blend and used only ring finger and apply the cream gently to below your eyes and just about below the brows. The light cream should absorb quite fast and leave no greasy feeling afterwards.

Followed by the serum for the entire face, and I put some on my neck as well. The serum also feels very light and easily absorbed. Comfortable and defined the new era of 'brightening'. No more harsh ingredients that peels the skin. It's all about moisture and a whole lot of vitamin C.

It's milky milk time. An invisible moisture film that will cover the skin and protect from dryness for the whole day. Supple, moist and soft. Not greasy at all but for me it is enough. Definitely not heavy and I also apply the milk to my neck.

I'm a full supporter of using the whole range for a maximum result. It's not heavy nor thick if you put it correctly. This is all just a beginning, I'll use all the product and let you all know the result week by week and whether there's a different in my spots, what spots? Yes, Moisture White Shiso is created not to whitens the face, it's to brighten and make all those spots gone for a spotless clear skin and even skin tone.

Never forget to use sun protection like the BB Cream, also from Moisture White Shiso range where protection and makeup becomes one. Even thou we stay indoor, as long as there's sun and it's bright, the rays can still harm our skin.

Stay tune for my updates and more post regarding Moisture White Shiso from The Body Shop Indonesia.

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  2. Hai..mau baru mau mulai pakai moisture shiso serum..kalau pelembabnya pakai apa yah..thx before

  3. Hi Siendy,

    Sesuai kebutuhan kulit kamu saja, bisa juga kamu konsultasikan ke beauty advisornya langsung.