Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I Want These Skincare!

Hello hello hello!

Yes, I'm a skincare addicts and it is so clear that products of skincare nowadays become so cute, adorable and irresistible. From name, packaging and ingredients too!! Argh from Tony Moly, Nature Republic, Benefit, Soap & Glory and many many more. They are like Aaawwww kawaii ne!

Now, I've been hearing about this brand called Holika Holika and I really want to try, especially the sleeping packs

I want

And their Pearly Rose Blossom Cream as well

And some more sleeping packs too heehee, so I sleep and wakes up with full gorgeousness
like sleeping beauty.

from Wine variant

to the green tea

sooo lovable and all of these can be bought at Shabang Shabang

Why sleeping mask/pack?

We all know that our skin loose moisture at night time more than in day time, like 2-3 times more, yikes! So they need more moisture and sleeping pack/mask is really needed. Beside for sleeping, use them during long haul traveling also very very good. Flights can be terribly dry and every vehicle with air conditioner also made the skin dry, these lovelies will provide the moisture you need and now, they come in many variants, brands and ingredients. Find the one you need or want, Shabang Shabang have some too, take a look.

More details can be found directly to their Facebook page and Twitter account ^__^


  1. Wishlistnya oke-oke! Aku juga suka skincare dari Innisfree.. ^^
    Good luck in the giveaway ya..

  2. Hi Priscill,

    Thank you beibeh hehe :)