Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cure VS Pure Revival Peel

These two products claim to remove dead skin cells, safe to use daily, from the look of it and how to use is the relatively the same, but there's must be something that differ between them beside price isn't it?!

Cure texture is lighter and a bit more watery, it slides easily on skin surface

Pure Revival Peel (PRP) is much thicker and got this bubbles inside the gel.

Slowly in circular motion I applied the gel just to make it spread thinly over the surface of my left hand.

Same goes with PRP, but the gel react faster, so dryer parts with less gel got white spots (aka dead skin cells) already.

I spread it again and massage it a bit on circular motion for the second time for Cure but still no reaction is seen.

While with PRP second circular motion means more dead skin cells coming out.

On 3rd circular motion on hand with Cure some white spots begins to be seen but as you can see there not much of it, only some seen on the below part (near my thumb area). The gel already dry now.
<---- a bit of white spots here.

On the third circular motion for skin treated with PRP the gel already dried up and there so many dead skin cells visible.

After the skin washed with warm water the skin with Cure feel clean. Feels like after washing hand with hand soap, clean and dry.

But the skin with PRP feels clean and soft at the same time.

These test are done on my hands, of course there's a different with facial skin. For me it is better to do it on the skin of my hands since I've been using Cure for my facial skin previously (like couple months ago) and every time it cause my facial skin to break out. Acne on t-zone or any other parts that oily with emerge 1-2 days after using the product, it does not happen on the skin on my body, just for facial use it happen like that. So I still use Cure for my body skin but not on facial skin.

So about couple days ago Ms. Crane from Skin Inc gave me Pure Revival Peel that pretty much have the same function as Cure, I was really scared to tried it on, but I overcome my fear of after effect (aka break out skin = acne) and tried them on. It was much better than Cure. My skin left so clean, soft and breaking out? almost! Yup, my forehead almost have 1 acne yesterday, but today it almost gone, like a canceled breakout. So for me while with Cure the breakouts is unavoidable and many. With Pure Revival Peel the breakout is really minimal and if you are using Skin Inc serum and Okinawa Deepsea Hydra Mask after that the effect is just superb!

So girls, take your pick



  1. Great post..Is it best Facial Cleansing Product? Can I use it in Winter?

  2. Thanks SafexSolutions,

    these are not facial cleansing products, these are peeling gel, so they are used after cleaning the skin surface and dry them.

    Their main purpose is to remove dead skin cells and help other products that benefit for the skin to be absorbed better.

    Since both of them are made in Japan (4 season country) I say yes, you can use it on winter, but for how often you use it is depends on your skin condition.