Friday, September 10, 2010


Thanks to L'oreal Paris Singapore, I was able to try this wonderful makeup remover yesterday. This bottle is underestimate by me for so long, it had been around for years and years yet I never laid my eyes on it, until last night.

It's not a secret that I've been using the most powerful mascara (that used by water ballet athlete) since a year ago, and I've been looking for a gentle yet powerful remover since then too, I've bought many wipes (since I thought it would be all in one = wipes + cleanser) said to powerful enough to clean waterproof mascara and lipstick, some do but not really well and the quality of the wipes is just too harsh for delicate eye area.

I've used my favorite cleansing oil, yet I hate the effect on my eyes, I used soft lenses and it cause a foggy effect since the cleansing oils sometime accidentally goes into my eyes.

This is perfect. This Gentle Lip and Eye Makeup Remover for waterproof make-up really clean all in one swipe, the cotton I provide also so soft and not hurting my eyes zone AT ALL. My lips also cleaned and leaves so smooth and the remover taste salty (it accidentally licked). Btw, I use infallible lipstick so yes, it does so difficult to remove with regular cleanser.

I also like the after effect, smooth and just lovely.

How to use:
shake the bottle so the two parts mixed into one, drop a few (many) drops at your favorite cotton wipes, swipe on the area needed and voila! Nothing left behind.

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