Tuesday, September 28, 2010

instant manicure - TALIKA

This is the first time I tried an instant manicure. It is said on the packaging "instant whitening & coating oxygen treatment".

1. Pour the effervescent powder into enough tepid water to cover nails completely. Use about 5 fl.oz.

2. Soak and wiggle fingers in the solution for about 3 minutes

3. Gently dry with soft cloth

So there I go and open the sachet, I use the whole set for 1 treatment.

After I poured some water just enough to cover the nails area, it immediately bubbling. So I put my nails inside and wiggle.

The bubbles last about 45 second before settling down to cloudy blue solution that scented. It was okay, definitely not smelly, fragrant but not a fresh scent, more like musk flowery. The scent last for about 30 minutes after using the product.

After finishing my 3 minutes, I dry it with a clean soft cloth, it feels like a thin film covering the area that using the solution. Giving my nails a transparent glow. For whiter I don't see it but my nails are white enough and so far been receiving complement for the thickness and how strong it is. So perhaps if you have a nails that not too white due to constant nail polishing or other reason, you might find the whitening effect works.

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  1. where u can find this product?

  2. hi Novera,

    you can ask in Bahasa Novera :) I think what you mean is where I (you) can find this product?

    Talika tersedia di spa2 berbagai tempat di Singapura yang menjual brand Talika. Untuk di Indonesia sayangnya beberapa tempat telah berhenti menjualnya ^_^