Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1st super mini giveaway

My dearest readers, after more than 150 posts I do think about having a super mini giveaways, you can win as many as....well all the stuff here:


All you have to do is:
  1. Read my post about Skin Inc, you can check on the labels I have some posts about Skin Inc, read any of them.
  2. Ask question about Skin Inc, any question regarding their products, or personal testimony, or if you haven't try them, tell me why. These are included as valid comment.
  3. Put your comment or question below the post you read.
  4. Each valid comment or question entitle you for any of the product you choose. 1 valid comment/question equal to 1 stuff. Simple question such as 'how much is it?' is not considered valid.
  5. First come first serve okay :) So the let say Annie is the first person with 5 valid comments and questions so later after the giveaway end, Annie can choose her 5 items before other.
  6. If the response is well, I will provide more stuff for the giveaways (will deliberate later).
  7. Thank you so much.
If you don't have Google id, url or just want to put anonymous, please put initial or anything (like Jane Doe) so I can comment back directly to u.

Currently there are 9 items up for grab (all new and never been used ya):
  1. Calvin Klein casing
  2. A set of Etude brush (this brushes have been in my cupboard for 6 months, please wash first with warm water and soap before use just to be safe)
  3. Neem facial wash sample size
  4. Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream sachet
  5. 5 Sachets of sunblock from Japan, tried and tested by me, suitable for daily use but not for oily skin.
  6. 7. 8. Deep Clean Neutrogena warming treatment for blackheads (3 tubes = 3 person)

9. Bio Essence Face Lifting cream sachet


*If there are more than 20 valid comments or questions made by at least 10 people there will be a lucky draw. So spread the words okay.
The lucky draw price is Vice and Vanity necklace (worth more than US$100) ^_^ everyone who take part and write valid questions or comments will have a chance to win one.
  • Giveaways start from now till Monday 20th September 2010.
  • Lucky draw prize for Singapore resident only (due to safety of the mails---so yes, I'll post the giveaways so no need to collect) but those outside Singapore can still join but not eligible for lucky draw prize.
  • Each comment or question made will be checked first for moderation, if it is valid I will post them up and visible to anyone.

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  1. Hear Yea Her Yea!

    Congratulations to lullaby and SafexSolutions.

    Please drop me an email on carnellin@gmail.com for the details of your selected giveaway.