Friday, September 24, 2010

Essential Damage-Care

Once upon a time, live a Princess, her name is Princess Hair. She's a damsel in distress. As Princess Hair she ought to have a gorgeous hair to make her kingdom proud. Yet, she didn't.

She dyed her hair, permed, blow dry every single day and use a flat iron 2-3 times a week. She in an awful mood because of her hair, "Is there anyone that can help me?", cried the Princess.

"My hair is dull, frizzy and shine-less, it is an EMBARRASSMENT!!!", shout Princess Hair.

Hearing the Princess cry comes 2 fairies from the magical place to help her. Fairy Shine (in pink) and Fairy Honey to the rescue. The Princess was so happy she already dancing around.

"Here is the Nourishing Anti-Frizz Serum.", says Fairy Shine. "And, here is Nourishing Care Lotion.", says Fairy Honey.

The Anti-frizz serum is for an all day smoothness and bounce. While the Nourishing Care Lotion is for an all day softness and manageability. They are both a leave in treatment especially for that last 15 cm of your hair.

Just use a pump or 2 (according to your hair length and from the mid or your hair length all the way to the end, use your palm and fingers to spread them evenly, you can also use a fine comb and help the lotion/serum gets to where it needed. Before you know it the lotion/serum already penetrated to your hair.

The Fairies brought all the range for the Princess too, all the products complement each other to create that perfect hair that the (or any) Princess need.

From Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment, Intensive Hair Mask and the Leave in treatment mention above.

How To Use:
Shampoo: Lather the on first on your palm and massage thoroughly to your wet hair. Enjoy the wonderful scent and let those scalp and hair have a bath foam day.
Conditioner: Use it after shampooing. Do not spread it on your scalp, it's for hair strands, especially those dry ends, same goes with Treatment and Intensive Hair Mask. The Difference is Conditioner you can rinse off immediately, with Treatment do wait 3 minute before rinsing off, with Intensive Hair Mask leave it for 5 minute (or more) before rinsing off.

For the Treatment and Intensive Mask no need to use it daily, I use it 2-3 times a week for Treatment and 1-2 times a week for Intensive Mask.

She was so excited, immediately she hit the shower and try them on, from the shampoo itself where it was bursting with fruity flowery scents it made her very very happy, and when the Princess happy she is singing in joy.

After the shampoo left her hair clean, soft and silky, she use the Intensive Hair Mask, and a tips from Princess Hair while waiting for 5 minutes just use a shower cap and pay attention to other part of your body. The Intensive Mask fills in those coarse hair, when Princess Hair wash off her hair was so fragrant, beautifully moist, protected and look healthier than ever before.

So she dried her hair using hair dryer, fret not Essential Damage-Care got her hair covered from frizz, tangle, dryness and split ends. While her hair still a bit damp she use the Nourish Care Lotion, she like how it instantly repairs and protect damages hair surface, especially the last 15 cm, due to chemical treatments, blow drying and UV rays. The High Purity Honey Oil provides deep moisture. Ultra Shine Essence gives hair a long-lasting shine. Sunflower Oil Essence keeps hair soft and moisturized. It was so easily absorbed she feels like there's not sticky at all, even at her hands.

Princess Hair feels that Nourishing Care Lotion and Anti-Frizz Serum is so handy she always put them on her purse. For anytime she can touch up her hair....not just make up we need to touch up, right?!

Now Princess Hair's hair is smooth, manageable, protected, looks healthy, lovely and so fragrant, she loves all the attention she can get.

So the King and Queen honor her with the "Crown of Precious Hair" hooray for Essential Damage-Care for helping Princess Hair get her crown.

So for all lovely ladies out there, let's take care our hair and make our precious hair strands to be proud of.

after use shampoo, intensive mask, and nourishing care lotion plus anti frizz serum. Tools use: hair dryer and flat iron.

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and is a proud user of Essential Damage-Care products.

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  1. looks great..i really need something like this..want to try it fast..thx for this information..

  2. Hi lullaby,

    it does look great, especially for really coarse hair.