Wednesday, September 8, 2010

SG FreeBee

I know them from Facebook <--- click here! I join their contest for 9 things you love about SG FreeBee. I won the Day 6 hooray!. So while waiting for my prize to arrive, I order these sample, and they are here today.

For these samples I have to pay shipping and handling 1.30$, paypal fee 50cents, so total is 1.80$. Order them on Monday and I received the goods TODAY on Wednesday, that's FAST ^o^

I really like the cute logo , and they stick one on my envelopes, oh and we can redeem many samples in one go, not like sample store which limited to 4 items per postage and the posting cost also lower.

Here are my samples:
Ahava Mineral Botanic Body Wash (Honeysuckle & Lavender) and (Bamboo & Pansy)
Nuxe 3 Roses Gentle Purifying and Clarifying Mask
Palmer's Olive Oil Formula Conditioner
bod Premium Blend Conditioner
Nuxe Reve de Miel Gentle Cleansing Gel

and still they gave me 2 more free samples (that I didn't order):
Ba Wang Anti hair Fall shampoo and hair strengthening shampoo.

so happy that My first order is here :) !!!

Will try them on and gives reviews soon.

So join up and get your samples too.

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