Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yojiya - Face wash powder

I bought the product in Narita, apparently it's pretty famous for their blotting paper (Aburatori-Gami), but since I didn't use any blotting paper or need it, I bought their washing powder since for me it's easier to carry during traveling.

Details of more Yojiya products can be found on their website.

Texture: like a fine washing powder or detergent. White and so soft. Easily mixed with adequate water. Easily lathered on and used too.

On the skin is feel soft and smooth, I don't like the smell, it's weird (perhaps it's the enzyme inside) when rinsing it first felt like there a thin silky film, then a squeaky clean. But after drying with a soft tower the skin feels comfortable, not dry, clean. I don't experience any discomfort or immediate/delayed allergy effect.

Suitable for:
Any skin, for all I know, since my skin is dry on cheeks and a bit oily on t-zone. But since Yojiya is more to the oily skin, I think for those with oily and acne prone will have the most benefit.

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