Friday, October 5, 2012

Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes

Bonjour, ladies \^0^/

The doll eyes is here!

Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes is created following the trend nowadays for that wide opened eyes like dolls. Originally comes in two shades, black and purple. Mine is in black.

The secret behind doll lashes, finally revealed!
LancĂ´me's most flirtatious lash look. A volumized, extended and full lash fringe for a wide-eye look.

The secret behind this amazing result?

A new, unique, cone-shaped brush provides an extremely smooth and clean application, precisely defining even your hard-to-reach corners and lower lashes. Combined with the exclusively developed FiberShineTM formula, it sculpts, curls and loads each lash for the ultimate shiny lash fringe. Lift and thicken every single lash without weighing it down. Push up your lashes for your most flirty, wide open eye look.

•Volumized, Extended, Lifted lashes
•Wide-Eye Effect
•Flirtatious lash fringe for a bold, curved and clump-free finish
•Precise, separated corner and bottom lashes


•New unique cone-shaped brush for an extremely smooth application, perfect for hard-to-reach corner and bottom lashes
•Nylon bristles combined with the exclusive FiberShineTM formula to sculpt, curl and load every single lash

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And I'm sceptical, haha! I rarely have mascara that really waterproof as described. Some of them even dare to clumped and ruin everything. Mascara usually used at the last step of the eyes, and if the mascara blot, smudges and creates dark lumps, it literally destroy the whole makeup done in the eyes. I'm really fussy about mascara, will Hypnose Doll Eyes fulfilled my needs?

Please see the video, below.

They do!

No clumps whatsoever, the smooth sailing black liquid is a total breeze to be used and when set, it stays there. No smudges, no dark circles like panda, just pure longer lashes in an instant.

I do have to wait for around 2 minutes before the mascara to completely dry (in humid room), but after they are left with no fluid and desiccate, they are ready for action. I see the instant lengthening effect, volume too. but not in curling.

The mascara do give me a perfect hold, resistant to sweat, sebum and tears (woohoo, thank you!!!) and for the scent   . . . hmm, rose and it's mild, so I won't comment much about it, since after it is set, I can't hardly smell it anymore. 

Would I keep using it?


For the dark glossy fiber look, lengthening, water proof, sweat-sebum-tears proof, smooth operator during application and no clumps whatsoever. Light yet vividly visible effect, for that comfort all day long.

Clean it with eye makeup remover and don't be surprise to see dark hair-like lines, it's the mascara, not your lashes.

Thank you so much Lancome Indonesia.

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  1. Hypnose Mascara is really famous for its doll eye mascara. I really want it for my next mascara T__T Thanks for the review ^^