Monday, October 22, 2012

Shiseido The Makeup Accentuating Cream Eyeliner Khol Creme Relieve 01



Smoothly draws a long-lasting line of concentrated colour to dramatically emphasize eyes.

Comes in two shades:
Black, which is mine 

I wish the stick comes in longer version but I have no complain at all with the brush, only the tip end is movable with the rest stays firms, so when applied it can give finer lines without fail. It wont keep running into wide lines.

The cream is thick indeed, I thought it look thick but not that thick, it was 'that' thick.


I tried playing around with the wider side first and as usual before actually use the product, blend it well at the back of my hand first. It's not easy since the consistency of the cream but it definitely gives me a bold darkest black.

Variety of result from the brush, wide side, thin line from using the horizontally, and when blending it.

Based on the thin line it was not easy to keep a straight full line with even darkness, some bold, some fading. Some even like dots after dots. I don't think it is possible to create a full line at one stroke, it need multiple times.

I've tried the brush on my eye lines as well and I love how the brush still gentle enough given how firm it is. But again the inconsistency, I have to apply several time for a full line. Since the cream is thick and heavy, a primer is essential, it helps the cream to glide smoother and finer too.

Wait around 2-3 minutes for the liner to be completely dry and it will set for the whole day. It depends on how many the cream applied, the thinner it is, the faster it dries and so on.

Waterproof? It was tough! Like really tough, I try to rub it as well, rinse with a bit of soap, it stays on the skin, like stays there for good . . .  until a makeup remover comes of course.

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