Monday, October 8, 2012

Shu Uemura Stage Performer Instant-Glow

Ola everyone!

Here's another brilliant product from Shu Uemura:

stage performer instant-glow

glow from the inside out!

stage-inspired multi-functional beauty cream to enhance makeup finish and deliver a natural glow. contains Ginkgo Leaf extract to fight oxidation. instantly, skin appears more luminous, translucent and smooth. provides 24-hour lasting moisture.

The pearly-slightly-pinkish-glow light cream is a true delight, I use it after my moisturizer.

So funny, there's this tiny dots on the cream where when I blend it on my skin it will burst and turning the color of the white based cream, so it'll look like beige/nude.

Instantly brightens up my overall skin tone. The skin itself appears much more healthier, bouncier and supple-er in an instant. Calming the redness and ease out the stress. The skin do actually look fresher and much more relaxed. Instantly softer too with a velvety smooth feeling to the touch, this is truly amazing. After using the Instant-Glow, makeup does glide easier and need less coverage since the skin already appears luminous. A thick makeup above will actually lessen the effect.

Definitely suitable for natural flawless look, I recommend anyone to use it during special occasion like on the wedding day for that extra boost, who am I kidding?! Use it everyday and look gorgeous every single day!


  1. wow, looks great.
    really want to try but i don't think so because shu uemura products are usually expensive :p

    btw im a new follower :D

  2. Hi Alexandra,

    Thank you for following my blog :)

    Yes, they are definitely not cheap, but this one is really good, and the ingredients are beneficial for the skin as well. A rare gem for me.