Monday, October 1, 2012

New LUX White Series

Hello everyone!

Last week, I was invited by LUX to attend this white wonderful event, the theme is white.

It was almost like a wedding \^0^/ from the flower arrangements, decoration and photos of 5 young women, wait . . . all women?

Yes, they are the 5 chosen ladies of LUX (Wanita Lux Putih Berkilau): Stella Rissa, Fitria Yusuf, Alanda Kariza, Andra Alodita, and Lala Karmela.

Then I'm signing in before the event began. I know as usual Lux has prepare this night to be memorable. So I sneak in and look at the pristine white inside.

Dazzling and beautiful. Lux White Series also collaborate with Preciosa, a company that provide crystal. If you follow my twitter, you'll definitely aware of all the crystals attached to the Lux bottles and bar soaps. Please do find them at my twitter account: @c13v3rgirl. I always love a fresh news, live tweet is provided during the event.

Ms. Afriani Karina (Senior Brand Manader of Lux), Ms. Roslina Verauli (Psychologist) and Mr. Kucera Vojtech (Preciosa) has deliver their message on how they love to make women feels great about themselves, confident and shines.

And all of us are busy twittering all the good news immediately :) All heads are bow down, why? Amazed by these two.

Two bottles of Lux, one is White Glamour and the other is White Radiance.

White Glamour contain Triple Ingredient System consist of mulberry extract, honey and crystal.
Lily of the valley, rose, jasmine, fruits, musk and vanilla.

White Radiance with Triple Ingredient System consist of mulberry extract, honey and pearl powder.
Rose, freesia, citrus and amber.

And there will be an exiting news for all of us who participate on their latest campaign, so stay tune on their twitter and facebook page, it's gonna be dazzlingly good!


Thank you Lux Indonesia for having me. It was a memorable event and the goodies bag which contain both of the white series are lovely. Beautifully scented and the exfoliation is mild enough to be used daily, try them on!

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