Monday, October 22, 2012

YSL Top Secrets Beauty Sleep

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Yves Saint Laurent reveals the 1st beauty “antidote” to short nights, a new product inspired by the beauty secrets of professionals. An ultra-gentle resurfacing and re-texturing concentrate to smooth the cutaneous micro-relief and re-plump the skin. Upon awakening, the skin quality is transformed, visibly smoother and more radiant, as after a good night sleep. Fresh and unified, the complexion is ready for a flawless make-up application.

How to use:

Apply on cleansed skin as a night treatment, may be applied in the morning as well.

I've tried using the product at night and morning (both after cleansing-toning-serum). And I like it better as a night treatment since I want the 'juice' to  stay longer untouched. Since on the day time, I need to top it off with sun protection, make up and so on. At night, it will be the final layer and Iove how smooth it is.

The Beauty Sleep is a milkish gel that feels comfortable on the skin. Smells really good (like any other YSL product) and gentle to the touch. Convenient as it is far from sticky and give the skin a glistening look, another reason why it is suitable to be used at night time. But hey, if you're looking for a plumped skin anytime, it can be use anytime as well. 

It provide hydration, radiance, and better skin from one use. Use it every night for that pampering love all night long.

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