Thursday, October 11, 2012

Za Total Hydration (Foamy Cleanser, Toner, Milky Moisturizer and Gel)

Hello girlfriends!

First, I want to thank Za Indonesia for these goodies!

Resolves dryness and stickiness. For resilient skin with less visible pores. Full of the moisture and ingredients that skin needs.
Results in smooth skin that glows from within.

I've been a fan of Za for decades and they are so made for those in the 20's

30's like me? We can still use them too, and the wide variety of products also available.
Now, let's explore Total Hydration

Starts by cleaning
A refreshing cleansing foam. Removes excess sebum and skin flakes.
Moisturizing, here's the steps:

How does it work:


Below is my video of me using it and showing the textures :)

The foaming cleanser didn't clean as much as I want, so I think I need a double cleansing for this one or maybe use a cleansing milk before. The Toner since it was on the Fresh type, it got alcohol alright, I think I prefer the Moist/Rich type (which is of course available). Then the Milky Moisturizing which is so fluid, milky fluid, and even thou the texture feels light, it doesn't absorb as fast as I thought. It felt rich :)

Now the last thing is the Gel,
Moisturizing gel 50g
Moisture charge in just 10 seconds! Amino mineral complex instantly restores flaky, stichy skin to create porcelain-smooth skin.

Okay, I do not understand what the word stichy skin means but I know one thing, the gel is wonderful and could be the highlight of the whole range.

Overall, Total Hydration gives the skin the refreshing hydration, no more no less.

The scent is wonderful and definitely not overwhelming, the texture is light and gives the skin dewy finish, the packaging is simple, girlie and no girls would ever reject the beautiful pearly pinks, and if daily moisture or hydration is what you're looking for, Total Hydration can be your answer as the products are not sticky, gentle enough to be used everyday and two times daily, completed with wide variation for any skin type (oily, normal to dry, just choose accordingly) and the lovely feeling it gives.

Thank you Za Indonesia now I want to try the BB Cream UV please ^__--

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