Saturday, October 13, 2012

After Using Moisture White Shiso for a Month


I'm officially have been using Moisture White Shiso for 4 weeks now and it's been a pleasing journey for me. This is my first experience (HERE) and this is when I use the whole range (HERE).

You may read on those previous post about the products details, how to use it properly, order of using the products, each of the function, texture, and so on.

All of them definitely can be use for over a month period. The whole range can be used for around 2 months for twice daily usage and accordingly. I'm a big fan of the foaming facial wash for being so easy to use every single day and after makeup and used makeup remover, I never forgot to use the foaming facial wash afterwards as it removes any leftover and kept my skin feeling fresh.

The powder cleanser usually used when I want a 'cleaner' feeling, like when there's more sebum and dirt on my face. And great for traveling too. Liquid is not allowed on board but with the cleansing powder I can clean my face during transit of a long haul plane. I mean really, don't sometime during traveling the skin looks stressed and feels the exhaustion, a good cleanser and moisturizer is needed.

The Essence I which is the toner also gentle for my skin. No drying effect, just plain comfort and I can use it with other product from a different range.

The eye serum is so gentle. I don't have dark eye bags so I can't share a testimonial on that, but I can share the comfort and how light it is. I hate heavy sticky eye cream, so Moisture White Shiso Eye Serum is the complete opposite of the conditions I hate. Maybe that's why The Body Shop named it serum and not cream. It does freshen up my look. An the eye serum can be used on the lips too, soft and absorb without being oily nor greasy.

Now the Concentrated Target Perfector. It was super duper light, like water.

The serum, 

all around the face serum. I know up to this part you must have think that there's a lot of steps and how long would it take, surprisingly after keep doing it for a whole month now, I'm used to is and I think it is less than 5 minutes in the morning (no overall massaging technique) and 8 minutes at night with massaging the skin on the area after each application of an item. All of them are still feels light on the skin.

Day lotion which is Moisture Milk and The Night Cream.

This creamy milk is light in texture but compared to the Night Cream the feeling is more milky while the night cream settles in a velvety feeling on the skin. Unique right?! I thought I'm going to face a heavy night cream that feels heavy and greasy and oily. I'm so wrong the night cream is so wonderful.

The whole collection also completed with mask (HERE) and BB Cream I see them as a bonus, as a enhancing and for the BB Cream as a base of my makeup too. Overall, this is it, the after result after using all of them for a month.

They works! It's not fast definitely, but there's improvement. The dark spots on my cheeks starts to break down in tinier spots. Help me to achieve clearer complexion. The fact that it doesn't change fast, shows that the products are gentle and works with the natural cycle of our skin which is 28 days. Hmm, after this I'm thinking of using it on areas that are darker overall, like on the upper arms which exposed by sun all the time. Or maybe, send TBS a letter so they'll produce Moisture White Shiso for the Body ^0^ That would be great!

Thank you The Body Shop Indonesia.


  1. Awesome! I like the toner, feels so lightweight to my skin.. ^^

  2. I wasn't happy with the eye cream and moisture milk of shiso range.
    My skin became dull and dark. I discontinued discontinued using it.