Friday, October 12, 2012

The Winners of Style Board of Candy Looks

Hello girls!

Thank you so much for everyone who participated on the giveaway sponsored by L'Oreal Paris Indonesia.

Sorry, I have to wait until 12th of October 2012, so I am 2 days late of officially announcing the winners on my blog (I have announced the 4 winners on Twitter and my Facebook page on the 10th) because I have to wait for the 5th winners to give me her address. All 4 have replied except one and after the date is due I have to changed with another winner, and she did the same, didn't return my email with the address needed after designated time and I have to pick another winner. So the 5th winner changed 3 times :D

Haha! Ladies, please do check your emails regularly heehee.

And finally the 3rd winner responded immediately and I'm happy, finally :) I can't wait anymore since all the other 4 have confirmed a.s.a.p.

So here they are:

Caroline Pitono

Ira Watirahma

San Dee

Erika Lie

And the 5th winner, after changing the winners 3 times:

Christina Lea E.

Congratulations all, your details has been passed to L'Oreal Paris Indonesia and stay tune for my next giveaway ya.

Psst! After receiving the prizes please take a picture and tag my facebook page, I would love to see.



  1. thank you ce carnellin & l'oreal! can't wait to receive the prize, yep, much much muchhhh curious and excited about them! XOXO

  2. Thanx sist Carnellin...
    Foto hadiahnya sudah aq upload dan aq tag di fb ^_^

  3. You're welcome sandee, enjoy ya ^^