Monday, October 22, 2012

Givenchy Clean To Sublime

Clean to sublime expert serum make up remover is a precise and efficient removal step to get rid of even the strongest makeup, impurities and beautify the skin in just one gesture.

How to use:

On dry skin apply the milky pinkish light cream and massage with the fingertips. Remove any excess without the need of water.

I draw some waterproof eyeliner from Shiseido, it was really waterproof. Wait for the eyeliner to set and dry before put a bit of Clean To Sublime on a dry skin.

Just like using any cleansing oil, massage them well and take you time so the cleanser have time to 'crack' down the makeup and 'melts'

Grab a cotton pad or a facial tissue and swipe it off, it's gone!

Massage the rest with more of the cleanser and everything is taken off. I've tried using a lipstick, foundation, eye shadows, blush on, and everything on the skin, it's gone, but, there's one but, I'm not recommending the product for usage on eye's area.

Benefit: No matter how lazy I am, I can just massage Clean To Sublime with dry hands and to the skin directly without the need of water and getting wet. Convenient to be use anywhere and anytime. Plane and traveling is my 'favorite' places as water is limited and during those exhausting nights when trips to the bathroom seems kilometers away.

With the effectiveness and gentleness of Clean To Sublime, I'm recommending the products just about to anyone who use makeup ^0^

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