Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tarte Natural Cheek Stain in True Love

Hello gorgeous!

Who loves a fresh blushed cheeks? I am!

For me a cheek should always show love or being in love. Rose, peachy, red, or plain pinched.

Details from tartecosmetics.com:

True love is sheer watermelon, juicy, delicious, ripe watermelon and safe for use too.

The smell is wonderful, berrylicious. Look at the bright red color, I'm so into it. From Tarte, the cheek stain comes in 9 shades, from the pinkest pink to the deepest plum.

Enough talk, now let's see some pictures!!

No.1 is my before look, plain, nothing there.

2. I use the cheek stain on my right side only

3. I blend it in, still on my right cheek only

4. The finished look where the stain is used on both side.


I thought it was going to be bold, it's so not, the shade are easily blending into the cheeks, creating a very cute blushes and looks so natural too.

I love all the natural ingredients in it and I can see my self using it every day for that cheeky blush =^__^=  But as natural as it is, the color doesn't did last long enough, I think it's around 5 hours before I need to retouch. I can also create a bolder blush by keep adding the stain, and it's a good thing they are more on the cheeks compared to other stain, which is on the fingers.

Cleaning it also so easy, just use any facial wash, cleansing milk or cleansing oil for an overall makeup cleansing.

Overall: It's a wonderful cheek stain with more benefits to the skin. Easy to use and easy to loved.

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