Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Biotherm Firm Corrector

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Did you know, after the age of 20, skin loses 50% collagen? Does the skin on your body appear to be sagging, lacking tone and radiance? With Firm Corrector Refirming Body Concentrate, you can resculpt the appearance of your body in just 10 days. Your body’s skin appears more tightened, toned, and firmer.

In 10 days, Firm Corrector recreates the skin’s firmness framework for a firmer body, as if “recompacted”.

A rich and enveloping texture that instantly softens skins as it radiates with beauty. The non-sticky, non-oily formula allows for easy application for the cream to absorb quickly into the skin, enabling you to get dressed immediately following applicationThe fruity and woody fragrance lifts the spirits, providing you with a complete sense of well-being.


• L.Ochroleuca extract
• Mother of pearls
• Pure Thermal Plankton
• Vegetal oils

I'm using the Firm Corrector right and and has been using the products for a few days now, the 40 ml will run out soon. It's actually the travel size. The texture of the white lotion is rich at first but absorbed quite fast especially when I do the massaging technique shown up there. It's unique alright, instead of normal hand massages using the palm, it uses our claws and fist-like. There's definitely doesn't give the skin a greasy leftover feeling whatsoever, so comfortable all the way, doesn't stain the clothes nor create an oily mark.

The skin become smooth and softer right after usage but for the first 4 application I still didn't see a significant firmer skin. A bit firmer on the feeling but not visible . . . not visible yet perhaps, I don't know. I will give you more review if I manage to try the products for more than 10 days ^^

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