Monday, October 1, 2012

Bigger Eyes with Aqua Series by Make Up For Ever

Hello everyone!

Last weekend I'm visiting MUFE (Make Up For Ever) Academy in the 4th floor in Plaza Indonesia building. They welcome me with open arms as I'm going to make a video, a tutorial video on making bigger eyes with Aqua Shadows and liners. Both of the products are awesome and I've shared my reviews regarding the products here: Aqua Shadow & Aqua Liners.

At the door I see these lashes, oohhh I want them all!

Below: Here are some of the selections Aqua Shadows that I think is a must haves. White is definitely a must, followed by nude and pinkish hue, blue and green as complements :)

The Aqua Shadow are waterproof and it is important to blend them well before they set. Below, MUFE will show you how.

And they got Sens's Eyes that will clean all the waterproof away.

Aqua Lips, they are adorable and suitable as a lip liner (perfect to be used with Aqua Rouge). I love them so much ^^ I'll come back soon ans show you more review, tutorials and ideas with the Aqua Lips and Rouges.

Below: The products that will be used for the tutorial, my sister Christina as the model and Ms. Irma from MUFE will help me with the look as I'll be cameraman girl.

Several colors in-cooperate for that bigger eyes. Please see the video and witness the step by step transformation.

Isn't it great?! I was like, seriously?! My sis's have small eyes and when she laugh all her eyes disappears haha! That's why she is the perfect candidate for the look.

The look is easy, soft and without being over the top. And the best part of all is she loves it. She wasn't a big fan of makeup, now she does!

The eye liner also very simple and just a line, all black liners will create smaller eyes instead of bigger.

This is my sister with Ms. Irma, thank you so much Ms. Irma.

Tips from Ms. Irma: Always use brush for better application and blending, never use too much Aqua Shadow, so don't pressed it, use gentle/light pressure only. Build the colors layer by layer and a brush also help correct the errors. Don't wait to long as the silicone will dries up and it has become waterproof and set.

Smokey eyes are beyond black, other colors are great and create different dimension and depth to the eyes. Mixed between light and dark colors will create a 3D effect if used correctly.

Now, Ms. Augustine, the trainer will gives us more tips in creating bigger eyes than ever before ^__^ Bigger than the previous look in a very quick and self-reliant method (a method that any amateur can do)

She is super cool, pretty and love her flawless skin. She is awesome!!!

Above is the video and below you can see my sis after look. She love love love her new look. Ms. Augustine tips are so simple yet only a true make up trainer will know. She always emphasize in doing the makeup by yourself. I wish I have more time with her, until then, let's just be thankful of the time I have heehee.

Then I added some pinkish hue on her cheeks with HD Blush,

Wonderful! We have a wonderful time in MUFE and love to come back here again and again ^0^

Thank you so much Make Up For Ever Indonesia, Ms. Irma and Ms, Augustine for having me and my sister.

Please enjoy the transformation of my sister below:

See you soon and hope this tutorials works for you too!

All the products used are from Make Up For Ever Aqua Series which is proven to be waterproof even to the most cry babies out there (incl, you sis XD)


  1. Ahh I thought they were giving away those falsies as a complimentary gift package too XD

    Nice makeup, Carnellin! I love their HD range. Having a photo ready face is priceless =)

  2. Hi Irene :)

    Yes, thank you, the HD is awesome!!!!