Tuesday, October 9, 2012

L'Oreal Paris Ultra-Volume Collagene


I'm Ultra Volume Collagene in 01, oh wait, there's only me, in black.

Details from lorealparis.com:

Up to 12x lash impact without clumps*. The super-sized brush and the Hydra-collagen enriched formula gives lashes breathtaking volume.

*87% agree: test on 165 women

The Instant Impact brush is 2x bigger than a classic mascara brush to build volume fast. It deposits just the right amount of formula on each and every lash with no clumps. Lashes look instantly plumped up with up to 12x more lash impact.


My body is chubby and so does the brush I have, thick, fuller and lot's of volume, hopefully to give any lashes a fuller and volumized look like I am.

Enough with the product talking ^__^,

I found the black bottle a bit thicker that other mascara and the lid is adorable with the kinda glass like figure covering the black top. It added the luxurious mode.

Now, here it is in action, below are my before after images:

Take note my left and right lashes are totally different, one points up and the other points down, I didn't use any eyelash curler so I can tested the mascara own ability for my lashes.


Clearly darker longer with more volume as well, but the texture of the mascara is a bit dry for me, so it's like a cream that when applied, I have to wait around 3 minutes before it sets. If the mascara haven't set it will be messy and blotchy.


Not completely waterproof but have a staying power as well, like 3 out of 5. Use a primer and eye shadows plus some loose powder surrounding the lashes for better staying power. Not smudge/tear-proof so please handle it with care. Clean them with an eye makeup remover afterwards.

I think the mascara is suitable for daily use and makes me feel like I can never go out without it anymore, I love fuller lashes yet still hoping for a better guard against water, rubs, sweats and tears. On the other hand on my next post, you'll see a great product to be used with any mascara, including Ultra Volume Collagene, a Lash Amplifying Mascara by Anna Sui.


A great mascara that really gives volume as promised, but not yet ultra volume. A bit thick on texture and need more time to dries up compare to other mascara with washy texture. Build it up with more volume by repeating and keep layering the lashes but it can be a bit sticky when they're not dry, so be patient and gives some time between layers. Will you get an ultra volume in the end? Yes, after multiple layering and gently building up the volume.
Works better after the lashes being curled and I really wish the mascara have better resistant against water, sweat and tears :)


  1. Lin, foreheadnya kenapa? Koq merah? :o

  2. Hahah Phanieeee jeli amat XD depan gw pas warna merah gt, refleksi cahaya