Monday, October 8, 2012

Anna Sui Eye Color Duo in 04

Hello ladies,

Anna Sui Eye Color Duo is my love as it brings more than just 2 tone, yes, like said by Anna Sui: 1+1=3, here:

Maximize the Kaleidoscopic Illusion concept with these 7 shades! Blend both colors in each compact to create a magical gradation of layered shades. 1+1 = 3 with the Eye Color Duo! Use each shade alone, or blend together to create an iridescent glowing new shade.

I got mine in 04 (thank you so much Anna Sui Indonesia) and it easily create a gradation, use it as one shade, 2 shades or 3 shades all at once. 

I'm using the dark blue as a liner and the lighter shade as a highlighter on the lid to create a natural daily look, yes, I know Anna Sui's can be dramatic, but as seen, the blues can be natural and soft too. So I didn't mixed the shades on my lids images above.

Here are the images of swatches and mixed shades:

The two created a new shade.

After mixed together create a sparkles in blue. A light blue in dazzling silver.

As always the tea rose scent is bursting with love and hmm, I think I'll use it with my eye shadow brush instead of small sponges applicator given.

Both of the colors are vibrant and alive, it stands against more than 20 rubs (yes, I tested it) so as long as you didn't rub your eyes so much, they'll stay there for sure for the whole day.

Don't forget to clean it with an eye makeup remover after use and see you all again real soon ^0^


  1. Love the packaging! So it only comes with this 2 colors? This is a difficult colors to pull off for me. I always messed up when i try to use this kind of color. Btw, did u use primer for the swatch? Since u said, u rub it many times n it didn't budge. That is pretty awesome if u didnt use a primer and it does that already! Totally awesome.

  2. Hi Rosdiana,

    Don't worry they have several other choices :) You'll be sure to find a great one matches.

    No I didn't use any primer, just a BB Cream that day. I use it all over and apparently it does stays all night long ^^

    1. WOw then yes I have to look into this. Amazing that it says put all night long! Thanks

  3. oh and one of the staff told me it could be applied wet or dry, cool!!!