Monday, October 1, 2012

My New Hair Cut by Shinjuku Premium Salon

Hello girls!

Another makeover by Shinjuku Premium Salon last week.

A makeover not always major changes, it could be a simple look too. With the new promotion from Shinjuku Premium Salon the options are wide open.

Located at Kuningan City mal, 3rd floor, Shinjuku Premium is luxurious. They are the Salon Institute of L'Oreal Professionnel, all exclusive products and training directly from L'Oreal Professionnel.

On special weekends you can also meet the owner Mr. Audid and get a complete makeover that will amaze you.

Check out my before look below. The colors need retouch on the roots and some tidying up too.

And below is my after :)

Tidier and neat. Mr. Heru helps with the retouch and Mr. Yuji cut my hair. Below is the picture of me and Mr. Yuji. This is my first time being colored by Mr. Heru, hmm, I think he really need to be gentler, he pulled my hair several time and it is painful, especially after the hair being colored, the colorant already caused some sensitivity to the scalp, so a rush brush make the pain become worst.

On the other hand, Mr. Yuji is pleasant and exactly what I'm looking for, he is open for consultation and getting that hair cut I need and want. Friendly and handle my hair (and scalp) with care.

He specialized in cutting, down to earth and skilled too ^^ try his Korean style hair cut.

These are my new looks, fresh and lovely.

Thank you Shinjuku Premium Salon.


  1. looks fresh bgt carnelline rambutna di blondie >.< jd pgn ikutan

  2. Thanks Angelina :)

    Ayo ikutan, Shinjuku juga lagi promo heehee.

  3. y buka di bali...:)

  4. itu harga potong rambut jadi 60rbu aja yaa? beneran tuhhh?

  5. Hi yeonida,

    ini promo saat bulan tersebut dear :) yaitu October 2012. Kalau mau tau promo terbarunya bisa hub langsung salonnya ya.

  6. Wow! Great hair! Your new hairstyle gave body and volume to your hair. It is good that Yuji maintained your long hair. I think long hair suits you better than a short hairstyle. I like your current hair color too. It makes you look younger and fresher. =)