Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cherry Blossom Flavor Skin Cream ( Japanese Herbal MAIKO-SAN Sakura Skin-Cream From Kyoto)

Hello everyone,

from my recent trip to Osaka, we went to Tempozan which is near Kaiyukan and I found this cream, the tester seems really good, from the texture, instant coolness and mild scent. The store is located in the second level above the food court.

I found the details from ebay, Hannari-Ya:

Japanese Herbal MAIKO-SAN Sakura Skin-Cream From Kyoto - All-Natural Product - 60g Jar...

This lovely jar of 'MAIKO-SAN Sakura Skin-Cream' is sold only in the ancient capital of Kyoto. It is used by Kyoto's famous Maiko to keep their skin smooth and lovely! It is made with Biwa Leaf essence and scented with Yomogi, Miyako Wasure and other natural Japanese herbs. No artificial color or chemicals added: this is an ALL-NATURAL product. It's essential oils and minerals will keep your skin smooth and fresh. It comes in an unbreakable 60g jar.

So, yes I didn't actually get directly from Kyoto but in Osaka, in a store that sells a lot of products from Kyoto incl. fan, Geisha's slippers, kimono, etc. I love to try new skincare and there's a lot from this brand, including cosmetics too, such as lip balm/tint, powder, blush and so on. They are all scented too.

I can't remember all the details and in the packaging itself is all in Japanese, thank you ebay for providing the details from Hannari-Ya.


Inside is this pinkish milky gel that instantly hydrates the skin with a mild scent of flowers. There's this cool feeling, like there's an actual cooling effect. The skin become soft and moist in an instant. I heard it was sold in Singapore around $25. In Japan it is definitely cheaper, around less than $20.

Like usual the neat packaging and compact details are provided, I wish they knew that their product went worldwide now, they'll definitely provide some details in International language such as English.

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