Friday, October 5, 2012

Anna Sui Eye Shadow Palette

Hello beauties!

Anna Sui Eye Shadow Palette in 201 (lighter purple), 201 (deep purple), 851 (gold creme) is here to entertain you all with the most beautiful colors.

This is the box and inside there's a casing for 3 eye shadows of your choice. You can simply mix and match to you delight. Please read it HERE for more details including price.

Just detach them one by one and on the bottom part there's a small double tape (glue) to stick the palette conveniently. They'll snug in and feels like home. Mine is exactly the shades used for the promotion of Autumn 2012 Collection. The smell of tea rose is ah-may-zing, loooove it!

Inside there's a tiny brush/sponge, unlike other eye shadows which only gives us the spongy edges, this one there's some brush action, due to the various texture, creamy and powder.

Please refer to my video of me using it.

As mention the MUA from Anna Sui told me to use the creamy texture first, then followed by the powder. Usually use the color that's darker then lighter (for the powder). The eye shadows (powder) also can be used as liners for the eyes.

I love the gold cream as t glides so easily on the lid (skin), and it gives me instant radiance effect, glows and stays that way. Then the deep purple, bold and brave, reminds me of the 50's, the era of freedom, best trends and seductive too.

The lighter purple is demure, calming and soothing. It's the bridge between the golden dust and daring purple.

The colors stays with me almost all day long (no rubbing, please) and I love the staying power of the scent as well. Use it with the whole range of Anna Sui Cosmetics and you'll be the Queen of Tea Rose, scentational!


  1. Achhhhh...sayang dipakee...d simpen aja..cantikk pallete nya..tar rosenya ilang ^^

  2. Hi stefanie,

    Iya bener banget XD you've answered most customer's problem in using Anna Sui's, no one want to ruin the rose.