Monday, October 8, 2012

Lacquer Rouge by Shiseido

Hello ladies ^__^

Lacquer Rouge is finally here!

The lipstick that gives the lips a shine and intensity they deserves.


Inspired by Japanese Laquerware, one coat provides intense color and deep luster. This rich liquid lipstick leaves lips as smooth as lacquer. Applicator fits closely against the lips for a comfortable, even application that does not bleed. Lacquer Rouge improves dry, rough or peeling lips with continued use, leaving them smooth and deeply moisturized.
  • Contains Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE.

All 12 shades are available in Indonesia for around (+/-) Rp.250.000 each.

These are the swatches of Phanie's hand heehee, and look at the amazing gloss. Awesome, I'm so licking liking them. But, I'm insisted on choosing the shade after trying them on your lips. Me, Stephanie, Carryna and Priscilla are trying the shades, the exact shade can look really great on one while not so perfect for the other. Even the shades which seems similar can be so different in one's look. I think I can fit to at least half of the shade, so I can always play dress up and most of us also able to find at least 6 wonderful shades that matches our look and skin tone, so the option are still widely open.

Here are some of the shades that I've tried:

RD 305 - Nymph

Kinda like a rose, suitable for daily/office look.

Sorry for the poor light, don't worry on the next images I moved to a better lightning ^__^


RD 607 - Nocturne
The one that's in the ad and create a whole lotta buzz. So dramatic, intense and alive!

PK 310

Romantic, sweet and lovable, all of us (beauty bloggers) want this shade XD

RD 501 - Drama

Yes, it is drama alright. A bit lighter than RD 607 but still can cause a stir. It was vibrant red, the kind of red that wants attention, wants . . . drama.

RS 404 - Disco

The one that Stephanie picks, haha this one also cause a stir, look at the color, it is amazingly pink, like shockingly good pink.

Okay, that's all I've tried and all of them have this ultra smooth feeling, a bit sticky but a lots of attitudes and character in each of the shades. The glow and shine does last hours and hours, no touching, it can last up to 6 hours and still looks like you've just applied it. Of course it was on the terms of no swipe, no rub, and no kissing policy. Lacquer Rouge is not waterproof, so it will washed away easily.

Overall, a brilliant lippie that gives your smooch a title. Must have: Every shade, or at least 6 of the shades and play with them in every theme you've got.

Thank you Shiseido Indonesia.


  1. Hi, sorry to dig up an old post, but I was thinking about getting either 607 or 501, as I always wanted to try a red lip look. I'm Chinese and have fair skin with slight yellow undertone, which one would you recommend? (if you remember the shades at all) Thanksss!!! Great post!!!!

  2. Hi Anon,

    I think you need to come to the counter and try the shades yourself. It is almost impossible to know which shade suits you at this moment.